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What is the origin of the longissimus (erector spinae) muscle?
Transverse process at inferior vertebral levels (i.e lumbosacral)
What are the two insertions of the longissimus (erector spinae) muscle?
(Thoracis, cervicis, and capitis):
1) transverse process at superior vertebral levels (i.e. thoracocervical)
2) mastoid process
What innervates the longissimus (erector spinae) muscle?
Dorsal primary rami of spinal nerves C1-S1
What four arteries segmentally supply the longissimus muscle?
1) deep cervical a.
2) posterior intercostal aa
3) subcostal aa
4) lumbar aa.
What are the main actions of the longissimus muscle?
extends and laterally bends the trunk, neck and head