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Layer of hard, dense bone that lies under the periosteum in all bones and around the diaphysis of long bones....
Compact (cortical) bone
What bone is red bone marrow found in?
In spaces in cancellous bone.
What contains yellow bone marrow? What is yellow bone marrow composed of?
Medullary Cavity
Yellow bone marrow is composed of fat cells
The mineral matter in trabecular bone is laid down in a series of separated body fibers called...
A spongy latticework or trabeculae.
System of small canals containing blood vessels that bring oxygen and nutrients to the bone and remove waste products such as carbon dioxide....
Haversian Canals
(found within compact (cortical) bone
Cancellous bone is sometimes called...
Describe this bone...
Spongy or trabecular bone.
It is more porous and less dense than compact bone.
Compact bone is tunneled out in the central shaft of the long bones by a ......
Medullary Cavity
Flared portion of the bone; it lies between the epiphysis and the diaphysis....
The ends of long bones and the surface of any bone that meets another bone to form a joint are covered with....
Articular Cartilage
Shaft or middle region of a long bone is called....
Represents an area of cartilage tissue that is constantly being replaced by new bony tissue as the bone grows; is commonly known as the growth plate....
Epiphyseal line or plate
Each end of a long bone is called....
Strong, fibrous, vascular membrane that covers the surface of a long bone, except at the ends of the epiphyses....