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What Chapter in the P-485 would you find information on personal effects?

Chapter 1

Federal Supply Classifications are found in?

P-485 Vol. 1 Chapter 2

What is chapter 1 of the P-485 Vol. 1?

Organizational and Administration

What is chapter 2 of the P-485 Vol. 1?

Material Identification

What is chapter 3 of the P-485 Vol. 1?

Material Procurement

What is chapter 4 of the P-485 Vol. 1?

Material Receipt, Custody, and Stowage

What is chapter 5 of the P-485 Vol. 1?

Material Expenditure and Shipment

What is chapter 6 of the P-485 Vol. 1?

Inventory Management

What is chapter 7 of the P-485 Vol. 1?

Packing and Transportation

What is chapter 8 of the P-485 Vol. 1?

Special Material

What is chapter 9 of the P-485 Vol. 1?

Financial Management

What is Appendix 1 of the P-485 VOL.II

Advice Codes

What is Appendix 2 of the P-485 VOL.II

Status Codes

What is Appendix 4 of the P-485 VOL.II

Document Identification Codes

What is Appendix 6 of the P-485 VOL.II

Project Codes

What is Appendix 18 of the P-485 VOL.II

COGS of Navy Material

What is Appendix 19 of the P-485 VOL.II

Unit of Issue Abbreviations

What is Appendix 23 of the P-485 VOL.II

Acquisition Advice Codes

What is Appendix 30 of the P-485 VOL.II

Fund Codes

What is a LAP?

Location Audit Program: Ensures material is in the correct location

What is OFC-20?

Supply and Equipage (S&E)

What is OFC-50?

Aviation Operation Maintenance (AOM)

What is OFC-01?

Flight Ops

What is OFC-08?

IMRL Outfitters

Where can one find Special Material Identification Codes (SMIC)?

P-485 VOL II Appendix 14

What is a BK2?

Response to a DK1

What is a BK3?

Additional Billing

What is a BK4?

Reduced Billing

What is the standard size of a pallet?


What does the advice code "2E" represent?

Free Issue

What does the advice code "5D" represent?

Initial requirement certification (initial issue)

What does the advice code "2B" represent?

Requested item only will suffice

What does the advice code "2L" represent?

Quantity reflected exceeds normal demand/Valid requirement

What form is used when inventorying personal effects?

NAVSUP Form 29

Supply officers of ships retain personal effects for what period of time?

181 Days

Where are personal effects shipped to?

FISC Cheatham Annex

A yellow gas cylinder represents what?


A brown gas cylinder represents what?


A blue gas cylinder represents what?


A green gas cylinder represents what?

Oxygen Non-Breathing

A green w/white stripe gas cylinder represents what?

Breathable Oxygen (aviators)

A red gas cylinder represents what?

Fire Protection

A Black gas cylinder represents what?

Combination of oxygen and other gases

A orange gas cylinder represents what?


What does COSAL stand for?

Coordinated Shipboard Allowance List

Which division procures, receives, stores, expends and accounts for all general supplies?

S-8 General Stores

What division operates all phases of the officers mess?

S-5 Wardroom

Who is responsible to the commanding officer for the proper performance and administration of the supply department?

Supply Officer

What are the two main functions of the shipboard supply department?

Material support and services

Who assures the proper balance between assets and requirements?

Item manager

Who positions and redistributes material?

Inventory Control Point

Security group I consists of which spaces?

General Stores

What size is the padlock on general stores spaces?

1 1/2"

Which security group spaces are secured with a keyless padlock?

Group III: Ships retail and related storerooms

How often is the combination changed on a keyless padlock?

At least every 6 months or upon relief of a custodian

What are the two types of directives?

Instruction and Notice

What subject does SSIC 4000 identify?


What is the publication number for the afloat shopping guide?


What publication is the primary source of management data for all publications, forms and directives?


What will be used if an FSC is not assigned to a NICN?


What is the act of obtaining material and services?


What is the purpose of a Material Obligation Validation (MOV)?

Determine whether a requirement still exists for requisition material

Define the word "Program"

A plan or system that will provide the means tor each the goal

Define "fraud"

Intentional, misleading or deceitful conduct

Define "waste"

Extravagant, careless or needless expenditure

Define "abuse"

Intentional wrong or improper use of government resources