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Will a beverage begin to cool more quickly in the freezer or in the regular part of the refrigerator? Well, of course it’ll cool faster in the freezer! There are lots of people who don’t understand anything at all about physics and who think things may begin to cool faster in the fridge. But they’re sadly mistaken.
Argument: Clearly, our speaker has an opinion on thn subject, but no argument is given.
It’s true that you can use your television set to tell when a tornado is approaching. The reason is that tornadoes make an electrical disturbance in the 55 megahertz range, which is close to the band assigned to channel 2. If you know how to do it, you can get your set to pick up the current given off by the twister. So your television set can be your warning device that tells you when to dive for the cellar. Adapted from Cecil Adams, The Straight Dope
This passage might be taken as an explanation, but it is also an argument, since it is clearly designed to convince us that its main point is correct.
Some of these guys who do Elvis Presley imitations actually pay more for their outfits than Elvis paid for his! Anybody who would spend thousands just so he can spend a few minutes not fooling anybody into thinking he’s Elvis is nuts.
No argument. No connection is made between the cost of the outfits and the psychological deficiencies of Elvis impersonators.
"The argument advanced at a recent government hearing that because we will not be dependent on plutonium for more than a few hundred years it will not be an important problem indefinitely’ entirely misses the point. Though we may rely on plutonium for only a relatively brief period, the plutonium produced during that period may be with us indefinitely, and it may jeopardize the lives of many times the number of generations that profit from its use." Ronald M. Green, "International Justice and Environmental Responsibility"
Determine whether the following passage is (or contains) an argument. "Gene splicing is the most awesome and powerful skill acquired by man since the splitting of the atom. If pursued humanistically,its potential to serve humanity is enormous. We will use it to synthesize expensive natural products interferon, substances such as insulin, and human endorphins that serve as natural painkillers. We will be able to create a second green revolution’ in agriculture to produce new high-yield, disease-resistant,self-fertilizing crops. Gene splicing has the potential to synthesize new substances we can substitute foroil, coal, and other raw materials keys to a self-sustaining society." John Naisbitt, Megatrends
Computers will never be able to converse intelligently through speech. A simple example proves that this is so. The sentences "How do you recognize speech?" and "How do you wreck a nice beach?" sound just the same when they are spoken, but they mean something different. A computer could not distinguish the two.
You’d better not pet that dog. She looks friendly, but she’s been known to bite.
It is obvious why some men have trouble understanding why women become upset over pornography. Pornography depicts women as servants or slaves, and men cannot conceive of themselves in this role.
I don’t care how well Thompson played last week. If he misses practice one more time, he’s not going to play in the tournament, and that’s that.
No argument. The speaker is only making a firm claim, not supporting it with reasons.
Except maybe for finance and business law, schools of business really don’t have very much of their own subject matter to teach to students. All the rest is really mathematics, psychology, English, speech, and other standard subjects that business schools call by other names.
Right now there are as many as half a million military-style assault guns in the hands of private citizens in the United States. These small, light, easy-to-handle weapons are exemplified by the Israeli UZI, the American MAC-10 and AR-15, and the KG-99. All of these are sophisticated weapons manufactured for the single purpose of killing human beings in large numbers very quickly.
No argument.
Determine whether the following passage is (or contains) an argument. "It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied; better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied. And if the fool, or the pig, are of a different opinion, it is because they only know their own side of the question." John Stuart Mill, Utilitarianism
No argument.
Determine whether the following passage is (or contains) an argument. "The personal computerevolution is marked by accidental discoveries. The entire market for these things was a big surprall the pioneers who put simple ads in hobbyist magazines and were stunned by an onslaught of ecustomers." John C. Dvorak
No argument.
Determine whether the following passage is (or contains) an argument. "The main danger of war, even of a war fought with conventional weapons, lies in its unpredictability." Anatoly Gromyko, "Security for All in the Nuclear Age," in Breakthrough
No argument.
Determine whether the following passage is (or contains) an argument. "The recent failure of a Drake University student to halt his former girlfriend’s plan for an abortion focuses light on a seldom considered situation: While a woman’s right to an abortion should not be weakened, the idea of fathers’ rights’ raised in this case should be discussed."
No argument.
"If American business is to regain an advantageous position in the international marketplace, it must recreate a climate of flexibility and entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, the trend is to seek personal success not through entrepreneurship but through professionalism, as a continued climb in the number of advanced degrees in business and law confirms. If this tendency to seek personal security and prestige by joining the ranks of the professionally comfortable continues, the real winners will be America’s overseas competitors
Some would prefer to say that every human being is both a body and a mind. Bodies are in space and subject to the mechanical laws that govern all other bodies in space. But minds are not in space, nor are their operations subject to mechanical laws. Bodily processes and states can be inspected by external observers, but the workings of one mind are not witnessable by other observers. And so a person lives through two collateral histories; but the actual transactions between the episodes of the private history and those of the public history remain mysterious, since by definition they can belong to neither series.
ent. "[Lionel L.] Lewis discovered that, in recommendations of merit written by administrators and faculty themselves, although they put much emphasis (two-thirds) upon student related activities teaching, advising, course planning, and popularity no one argues from any supporting evidence other than, Everyone knows.’"
No argument.
The president has the morals of an alley cat, his critics say. Shows you what they know. He’ll still be reelected.
No argument.
"Today, there is strong evidence not only in theory but in practice that families who try to protect dying children from knowing they’re dying rarely serve the child’s best interests. This conspiracy of silence, however wellmeaning, often puts nurses, relatives, and others who spend the most time with the patient, especially in their lonely moments, on the spot." Thomas Scully and Celia Scully, Playing God: The New World of Medical Choices
Determine whether the following passage is (or contains) an argument. "The Federal Reserve Board is normally the Stealth bomber of government agencies, zooming in without warning to raise or lower interest rates, and confirming weeks later what action was taken. But last Friday, in an extraordinary pre-emptive strike against a possible surge of inflation, the Federal Reserve Chairman declared that the central bank had raised short-term rates that very day."
No argument.
LARRY: Before we go to Hawaii, let’s go to a tanning salon and get a tan. Then we won’t look like wjust got off the plane, plus we won’t get sunburned while we’re over there. LAURIE: I don’t know . . . I read that those places can be dangerous. And did you ever check out how much they cost? Let’s let it go.
Larry and Laurie are both giving arguments.
STUDENT A: My family is very conservative. I don’t think they’d like it if they found out that I was sharing an apartment with two males. STUDENT B: But sooner or later you have to start living your own life.
Both A and B are giving arguments. B is arguing for an unstated claim: You should share the apartment with the two males despite what your family would like.
INSURANCE EXEC: Insurance costs so much because accident victims hire you lawyers to take us insurers to court and soak us for all we’re worth. There should be limits on the amounts insurance companies may be required to pay out on claims. ATTORNEY: Limits? Doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. What if someone’s medical expenses exceed those limits? Do we just say, "Sorry, Charlie"?
Only Attorney is giving an argument.
REPUBLICAN: If taxes absolutely must be raised, raise the sales tax. Raising taxes on corporations or income taxes just drives businesses out of state, and that’s bad for the economy. The net result is less tax revenue for government. DEMOCRAT: If you raise the sales tax, people buy less, and that’s even worse for the economy. Besides, the sales tax hits poor people the hardest, and they are the ones who least can afford a tax hike.
Both parties are giving arguments.
FIRST CITIZEN: There has been a lot of talk in favor of having civilian police-review boards monitor law enforcement activities. That’s better than letting internal-affairs units try to do that job. SECOND CITIZEN: Right. The ethics of law enforcers is as important as the ethics of lawmakers. Letting the police police themselves is like having the foxes guard the henhouse.
Only Second Citizen is giving an argument.
SHE: When you think about it, there’s every reason why women soldiers shouldn’t serve in combaHE: Well, I don’t think anyone should have to serve in combat. I wouldn’t make anyone serve whodoesn’t want to.
Neither speaker is giving an argument.
MOTHER: If you are looking for a wise investment, try real estate. The price of housing has always risen faster than the rate of inflation. DAUGHTER: Maybe, but I’m skeptical. What’s risen faster than the rate of inflation is the cost of land, not the cost of the structures put on it. Since the population isn’t growing and the demand for land is declining, real estate may not be such a great investment any more.
Both parties are giving arguments.
FATHER: The governor should reduce government spending before he starts increasing taxes. Taxes just reduce our incomes, and there is plenty of waste in government. For example, a fire department doesn’t need a chief, an assistant chief, and a captain. All it needs is one administrator and however many firefighters. SON: Who takes charge if the administrator is sick or injured?
Both parties are giving arguments. Son is arguing against the claim that a fire department needs only one administrator.
TERRY: You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a home stereo system. Just buy a good car stereo. They’re just as good as home stereos, and they’re cheaper. All you need is an AC to DC powerconverter, and you’re in business. LARRY: Fine, except who says a car stereo is cheaper? Car speakers cost more than home speakers. Also, it isn’t exactly cheap to replace your car system if it gets stolen, as often happens.
Both parties are giving arguments.
WORRIED ATHLETIC SUPPORTER: I’m particularly concerned with the proposed cuts in the university athletic program. If something has to be cut, let’s start with something like dance or basket weaving. UNWORRIED ATHLETIC SUPPORTER: Oh, don’t worry. The university isn’t going to kill its cash cow. A strong athletic program is good publicity and brings in lots of contributions. The trustees aren’t going to let anything happen to a first-rate program like ours.
Only the second party is giving an argument.
FIRST MANAGER: I think it is time to change our policy on return items. From now on, let’s just give customers their money back, no questions asked. SECOND MANAGER: Frankly, I don’t think that will be such a good policy. Why, just last week you yourself said we should ask people why they want to return things.
Neither party gives an argument.
"I seriously doubt many people want to connect up their TV to the Internet. For one thing, when people watch TV they don’t want more information. For another thing, even if they did, they wouldn’t be interested in having to do something to get it. They just want to sit back and let the TV tell them what’s happening."
argument. Conclusion: It is doubtful many people want to connect their TV to the Internet.
Determine whether the following passage contains an argument and, if it does, identify that argument’s final conclusion. "Here’s how you make chocolate milk. Warm up a cup of milk in the microwave for two minutes, then add two tablespoons of the chocolate. Stir it up, then stick it back in the microwave for another 30 seconds. Then enjoy it."
No argument.
Determine whether the following passage contains an argument and, if it does, identify that argument’s inal conclusion. "The P/E ratio is the number of dollars of stock you have to buy to get one dollar of rofit. Any stock with a ratio greater than 15:1 is overpriced. That’s why it’s not a good idea to invest in tocks right now. P/E ratios are way too high."
Argument. Conclusion: It’s not a good idea to invest in stocks right now.
Determine whether the following passage contains an argument and, if it does, identify that argument’sfinal conclusion. "Your jacket looks a little tattered, there, Houston. Time to get a new one, I’d say."
Argument. Conclusion: Time to get a new jacket.
ermine whether the following passage contains an argument and, if it does, identify that argument’s final conclusion. "Should I go to class today? We’re probably just going over the test; I can afford to miss that. Besides, I haven’t cut a single class all semester. I guess it won’t hurt to stay home this once."
Argument. Conclusion: It won’t hurt to stay home this once.
Argument. Conclusion: It won’t hurt to stay home this once.
Argument. Conclusion: You’ve got every reason to add another telephone line.
"Pretzels are pretty good for a snack food. But it’s wise to keep in mind that they are high in sodium, at least if you eat the salted kind."
No argument.
"Can you believe it? Tight-fitting polyester clothes are making a comeback. They’ve even brought back bell-bottoms. Next thing you know, the professors around here will be dragging out their leisure suits."
No argument.
"You should stop doing that; it’s hurting him."
Argument. Conclusion: You should stop doing that.
"The reason nobody buys sports cars anymore is because everyone wants a sports utility vehicle with four-wheel drive. But people will start buying sports cars again sooner or later; just watch and see."
No argument.
"People who drive SUVs with American flags flying from them are just pretending to be patriots. The real patriots are people who drive cars that get decent mileage, since that actually accomplishes something it lessons our dependence on foreign oil"
Argument. Conclusion: People who drive cars that get good mileage are patriots.
TV’s coverage of the Olympics was not very exciting. The anchorman was cool and detached, and, except for basketball, they never zeroed in on a single event long enough for anyone to care. Plus, there was just too much coverage. Anytime you turned on TV, there was the Olympics. It was like air always there. And what’s so exciting about air?
Argument. Issue: whether TV’s coverage of the Olympics was exciting.
It’s wise to let states deny AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children) benefits to unmarried kids under eighteen who live away from their parents. This would discourage thousands of these kids from having children of their own in order to get state-subsidized apartments.
Argument. Issue: whether states should be allowed to deny AFDC benefits to youths under eighteen.
witty experiment by Philip Goldberg proves what everyone knows, having internalized the disesteem in which they are held, women despise both themselves and each other. This simple test consisted of asking women undergraduates to respond to the scholarship in an essay signed alternately by one John McKay and one Joan McKay. In making their assessments, the students generally agreed that John was a remarkable thinker, Joan an unimpressive mind. Yet the articles were identical; the reaction was dependent on the sex of the supposed author." Kate Millett, Sexual Politics
Argument. Issue: whether women "despise both themselves and each other."
A judge’s finding that the FBI discriminated against its Hispanic agents is the second time in less than a year that the bureau has been embarrassed by its treatment of minority employees. Last November, black FBI agent Donald Rochon filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court accusing the bureau of racial harassment when he was an agent in Omaha. The suit is pending. Increasing the hiring of minorities and treating them equally for promotions must become a matter of greater concern to the FBI. Currently, there are only 423 Hispanic agents and 412 black agents out of a total of about 9,400. The statistics speak for themselves.
Argument. Issue: whether the FBI should be more concerned with hiring minorities and with treating minority agents fairly with respect to promotion.
"And he went from there, and entered their synagogue. And behold, there was a man with a withered hand. And they asked him, Is it lawful to heal on the sabbath?’ so that they might accuse him. He said to them, What man of you, if he has one sheep, and it falls into a pit on the sabbath, will not lay hold of it and lift it out? Of how much more value is a man than a sheep! So it is lawful to do good on the sabbath.’" Matthew 12:9-12 Argument. Issue: whether it is lawful (or right) to heal on the Sabbath
Argument. Issue: whether it is lawful (or right) to heal on the Sabbath.
"Those who accept evolution contend that creation is not scientific; but can it be fairly said that the theory of evolution itself is truly scientific?" Life How Did It Get Here? By Evolution or by Creation?
No argument.
Determine whether the following passage contains an argument; if it does, identify the mainis indeed said that the Japanese work more than 2,000 hours a year, but this is not so. At SonSanyo or Matsushita the total is somewhere between 1,800 and 1,900 hours." Akio Morita, chairman of Sony
Argument. Issue: whether the Japanese work more than 2,000 hours a year.
Obviously the commission should prepare regulations that are consistent with the law. We admit that isn’t always easy. But there’s no reason for the commission to substitute its judgment for that of the people.
No argument.
if it does, identify the main issue. That American schools have finally been integrated is a myth. The vast majority of African American tudents attend schools whose student bodies are almost entirely African American. And most whites ttend schools where only a tiny minority are African American, Latino, or Asian.
Argument. Issue: whether American schools have finally been integrated.
Because men admire muscle and physical force, they assume that women do too.
No argument.
A: Harriman is a fraud. He didn’t even graduate from medical school!B: Harriman is still the best surgeon at this clinic.
Different issues Harriman could be a good surgeon and not have proper medical credentials. There have been a few such famous cases. (We ourselves prefer a real diploma on the wall.)
A: The legislature should pass a bill banning agricultural burning when they burn those fields the whole area is covered with a layer of smoke. B: Forget about agricultural burning automobile emissions cause the greatest percentage of air pollution in this area.
There is an obvious sense in which these two speakers are addressing the same issue: namely, whether there should be a ban on agricultural burning. But B is clearly dismissing that issue because of another one whether autos pollute more than burning which may not be relevant. B may be correct about auto pollution, but it doesn’t follow that agricultural burning shouldn’t be curtailed.
A: Have you seen those advertisements for striptease dancers for private parties? That’s exploitative and insulting, if you ask me. B: Oh, take it easy. They have male strippers for women’s parties as well as female strippers for men’s parties. So it’s not as bad as you thought.
Different issues. Whether stripping is exploitative and insulting is different from whether men and women are equally exploited and insulted.
A: I can’t believe the student government paid John Kerry over a thousand dollars to come here and give a speech. He’s been out of the news for ages, and he’s clearly biased. They should have saved ourmoney. B: Listen: George Bush, Sr. has been out of office for a while now too, and he’s clearly as biased as anybody. Nevertheless, people pay tons of money for him to come and speak. So lay off about Kerry.
Different issues. Presumably the student government is not paying George Bush Sr. tons of money to come and speak.
somebody is missing the point. A: A woman in Tennessee was charged with a felony for not warning rescuers that her fiancØ, who had suffered a heart attack, had tested positive for AIDS. That’s a good law, since people ought to know when they’re stepping into a dangerous situation to help somebody else. B: Well, I don’t think it’s such a good law, because the likelihood of catching AIDS from somebody while trying to resuscitate them is very, very small.
These speakers are disputing the same issue whether the law requiring that one warn others ("recklessendangerment" is the usual charge for failure to do so) is a good law. B is saying, in effect, that it isn’t really that dangerous to help an AIDS-positive victim.
A: I think the oversight laws for police have to be toughened. Right now, it’s difficult for society to protect itself against rogue cops. B: Well, I know you can’t be convinced otherwise, but it just isn’t true that every officer who’s brought up on charges is guilty of those charges.
Different issues. We’d say B is missing A’s point even though what B says may be true.
A: Look, it’s just good business sense to foreclose on a piece of property when the mortgage defaWe can’t sit around here and carry these loans month after month. B: The people who owe on these properties are out of work because of the recession, not becausefault of their own. If we foreclose on them, many will be financially ruined and may never be abafford a home of their own again.
A and B are disputing the issue of whether to foreclose on the properties, but they are not really addressing each other directly. Since they bring up independent issues in support of their sides and since it isn’t clear which argument should be given more weight, the result is a standoff. In cases like this, one party can benefit not just by supporting its side of the issue but also by attacking the other side’s argument.
A: The banking industry is going the same direction as the savings and loan industry. If the government deregulates banks the way it did the S&Ls, taxpayers will have another financial disaster on their hands. B: The whole regulatory system is archaic, and it oppresses innovation and initiative. If the banks aren’t deregulated, they’re going to be creating a financial disaster anyway!
B is addressing an entirely separate issue.
A: About 90 percent of all those colorful kids’ books abut dinosaurs contain misinformatiomisleading interpretations. B: But without those books, cartoons would be children’s only source of information aboutand they’re even more inaccurate.
Different issues.
A: Most cases of date rape happen when the couple has been drinking. That’s another good reason for getting booze off the campus. B: Yes, well, most of the cases of date rape happen because the girl is encouraging the guy and he just goes with it.
B is addressing an entirely separate issue.
A: Experimentation on animals? Horrid, awful, immoral! No argument would justify experimenting onanimals that wouldn’t also justify experimenting on humans. B: You’re overlooking all the medical advances that have resulted from experimenting on animals.
B is giving an argument for medical experimentation, but is not responding to A’s request for a justification for experimenting on animals that wouldn’t automatically be a justification for experimenting on people.
Research has shown that the females of mammal species are more resistant to environmental hazards than are their male counterparts. That makes sense, because young mammals take so long to develop, both physically and mentally, and the females have to be able to function continuously if the species is going to survive.
Issue: whether females of mammal species are more resistant to environmental hazards than are their male counterparts.
Three-strikes laws work. Once they take effect, prisoners begin asking for copies of the law, parolees from other states stay away, and first- and second-time offenders leave the state.
Issue: whether three-strikes laws work.
The burden of proof is on the critics of capital punishment. Capital punishment is accepted widely as an effective deterrent, and if you are against what is accepted widely, it is up to you to make a case.
Issue: whether the burden of proof is on the critics of capital punishment.
Dear Desperate: I urge you to get counseling at once. Unless you resolve the conflicts in your feelings and get rid of the hostility toward your husband’s first wife, your marriage is doomed. from a newspaper advice column
Issue: whether Desperate should get counseling.
It’s clear, given the recent increases in hate groups and racial violence, that we still need the laws originally crafted to combat the racism of the 1860s. A federal court jury recently ruled that two whitesupremacist groups must pay nearly a million dollars in damages to racism protesters. This welcome message tells bigots of all types that if you violate others’ rights, you’ll be hit where it hurts in the pocketbook.
Issue: whether bigotry is sufficiently widespread to require repression by the law.
Average is as close to the top as it is to the bottom. A glass that is half empty is also half full. You should think positively. If you do, life will be more fun.
Issue: whether you should think positively.
We sometimes make the mistake of thinking that whatever qualifies someone as an expert in one field automatically qualifies that person in other areas. . . . Even if the intelligence and skill required to become an expert in one field could enable someone to become an expert in any field which is doubtful having the ability to become an expert is entirely different from actually being an expert. Claims put forth by experts about subjects outside their fields are not automatically more acceptable than claims put forth by nonexperts. From Chapter 4 of the text
Issue: whether informational claims from experts about subjects outside their fields of expertise are automatically more acceptable than claims from nonexperts.
The results of a survey conducted by the Public Opinion Laboratory at Northern Illinois University show that on very basic ideas, vast numbers of Americans are scientifically illiterate, laboratory director Jon Miller said. Only about 5 percent of American adults have a minimal knowledge of scientific vocabulary and methodology and an understanding of the impact of science on the world (55 percent did not know that the Earth goes around the Sun once a year; 28 percent didn’t know that the Earth goes around the Sun at all). In an election year when candidates are talking about the Strategic Defense Initiative, acid rain, and the greenhouse effect, this survey shows that many Americans have little idea of what the candidates are talking about.
Issue: whether American adults know enough about basic science to understand discussion of current scientific issues.
"For about $200 a ticket you can take a breathtaking flight through the Grand Canyon by helicopter. Fine, unless you are one of the two million people who visit the canyon each year on the ground. For these millions, the pleasures of the canyon’s solitude are destroyed by the almost uninterrupted noise from the air. That fact in itself demonstrates that air traffic in the canyon must now be banned or at least heavily regulated. If the enjoyment of those on the canyon’s floor is not enough reason for banning air traffic, then this is: the vibrations may destroy Indian ruins and the noise may drive the peregrine falcon and bighorn sheep out of their normal habitat in the canyon."
Air traffic in the canyon should be banned or regulated. Its noise is a continuous disturbance and may harm ruins and native animals.
Identify for which claims, if any, support has been given in the following passage; and state in your own words the reasons that have been offered for these claims. "The arrogance of some State Department and U.S. Information Agency employees who took luxury cruises at government expense is shameful. "Instead of flying by economy class to and from their overseas assignments, some traveled on the Queen Elizabeth or other cruise ships. Costs of the ocean voyages averaged $6,084, nearly four times the average airline cost of $1,665. "One family of four billed the government $21,956 for a 26day voyage along the eastern coast of South America. A couple were paid $13,761 for a 24-day trip from Bangkok to Honolulu. One official sent in a bill for $12,270 for a Mississippi River cruise on the Delta Queen. "That’s not all. The time spent on the cruises was considered by the department to be duty not vacation. "General Accounting Office investigators said they were told by foreign service officers that ocean travel was considered a fringe benefit.’ "If that is the case, the fringes are due for a good trimming." Omaha World-Herald
Some State Dept. and USIA employees are abusing government payment for travel expenses as shown by the big bills mentioned above.
Trout do feed on mosquito larvae, but they seldom feed on adult mosquitoes. So it is not likely that fish take an imitation mosquito because they are fooled into thinking it is a real one. Most likely they take the mosquito fly for a midge or a gray caddis. Adapted from Jack Dennis, Western Trout Fly Tying Manual
Trout do feed on mosquito larvae, but they seldom feed on adult mosquitoes. So it is not likely that fish take an imitation mosquito because they are fooled into thinking it is a real one. Most likely they take the mosquito fly for a midge or a gray caddis. Adapted from Jack Dennis, Western Trout Fly Tying Manual
Identify for which claims, if any, support has been given in the following passage; and state in your own words the reasons that have been offered for these claims. "The California State University trustees showed considerable foresight in their recent unanimous decision to strengthen the system’s admission standards. . . . "Public high school curricula deteriorated to such a degree throughout thestate during the last two decades that English literature included courses in science-fiction and detectstories. "That’s not all. Social studies courses often were reduced to consciousness-raising sessionscomplete with rock music and feature films. Foreign-language requirements were abandoned, along with several advanced courses in science and math. "And students could generally earn credits for working after school. . . . "[The new standards are] certain to raise the level of education among would-be college students. And that has to be a good thing." Chico (Calif.) Enterprise-Record
CSU trustees were right to strengthen admission standards. The letter writer’s negative description of what’s required in English and Social Studies classes and the abandonment of some traditional requirements is offered in support.
own words the reasons that have been offered for these claims. "The evening’s official’ party, thrownby the Samuel Goldwyn Co. to celebrate the premiere of its film Golden Gate, was noisy and crowded and located in one of the area’s poshest ski lodges. But as usual, the serious action didn’t begin until later, at the unofficial afterparties. The hot ticket that night at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah (pop. 4,468), was a bash thrown in a rented condo by the William Morris talent agency and 20th Century Fox. Actually, invitations were hardly needed; anybody who could find a parking spot on the clogged, snow-packed streets and squeeze through the crowd spilling out of the jammed condo could venture into the belly of the Hollywood beast." Richard Zoglin
The most popular movie-related event at Sundance was not the official party, but one given by a talent agency, since it was more packed than any other event.
I don’t know whether to be amused or annoyed. The U.S. government spends millions of dollars rounding up herb farmers. Ridiculous! Deaths from alcohol abuse are overwhelming. Surely this is a bigger problem. I doubt even a single death from smoking pot and driving has been reported. And the idea that smoking pot leads to heroin is nonsense. Anyone who is going to become an addict will do so regardless of what they have around." Letter to the editor, Glenn County Today
Spending vast sums to arrest marijuana growers is a waste, since dope is less dangerous than alcohol and will not lead to stronger drugs.
"The breaking of secret codes cryptoanalysis) provides an example of inductive reasoning closely resembling the inductive reasoncientists carry out. However, cryptoanalysis can be carried out using pen and paper, needing no aboratories. In addition, even simple forms of cryptoanalysis can be quite intriguing. Simple forms ryptoanalysis can therefore be very useful as classroom examples of inductive reasoning."CT News
Simple cryptoanalysis can serve as useful classroom examples of inductive reasoning, since it can easily be done using pen and paper and can be interesting to do.