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a city with its own government

County Commissioners, Sheriff, tax commissioner, superior court clerk, probate court judge, and coroner

Elected County Officials

Commission Form

form of city government where the voters elect commissioners. The mayor is elected by the commissioners from among themselves.

Georgia state constitution

Local governments get their powers and right to exist from the ___________________.

Council-Manager Form

a form of city government where the voters elect a city council that establishes laws and policies. council hires a city manager who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the city.

Subdivisions of the state that are set up to carry out certain governmental functions

Mayor-Council Form

form of city government where the elected city council is responsible for making the laws and policies, and an elected mayor acts as the city's chief elected officer

Special Purpose District

Created for a single job or single group of tasks


Number of counties in Georgia

Board of Commissioners

Most local county governments are headed by a _____________________.

Consolidated Government

city and county governments form a single government. Columbus and Muscogee County are an example of this.


a city exists as a political unit when it receives a ___________ from the state legislature.

Examples of Special Purpose Districts

MARTA, school system (board of education), Airport Authority

Maynard Jackson

A former mayor of Atlanta whose major accomplishment is the expansion of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

Three requirements in order to obtain a city charter from the state legislature

1. at least 60% (almost 2/3) of the land area must be divided into tracts for houses and businesses

2. the city must be three or more miles from the boundaries of the nearest city

3. the city must have 200 residents