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What is the Coracoid process
Anterior project that can be felt in the hollow between the arm & chest when relaxed
Where are the Infraspinatus and Teres Minor?
Teres minor attaches at the lateral border of the scapula just above teres major. Infraspinatus attaches at the spine.
As they gather toward the axilla, they pass posterior to the joint and attach on the greater tuberosity.
Where is the Deltiod?
Lies directly over the glenohumeral joint. Runs btwn the spine and clavicle of the shoulder girdle to the deltoid tuberosity of the humerus.

Has three parts: Anterior, middle, posterior
Where is the Pectoralis Major?
The glamour muscle! Runs between the sternum, clavicle, and anterior humerus, below the head
Which superficial muscles of the Humerus rotates outward?
Posterior Deltoid
Teres Minor
What deep muscle of the Humerus rotates inward?
What deep muscle of the Humerus rotates outward?
What type of joint is the shoulder?
What three bones form the shoulder?
What forms the shoulder girdle?
Clavicle & scapula
What IS the shoulder joint?
Articulation of humerus and scapula
What is the glenohumeral Joint?
Another name for the shoulder joint.
Most freely moving joint in the body
What is the Collar bone?
Clavicle. Articulates with the breastbone (sternum & scapula)
What muscles attach to the Coracoid Process?
Pectoralis Minor
Biceps Brachii
What is the lesser tuberosity
Found 2 inches lateral to the coracoid process on the anterior arm. Can feel it moving upon rotation.
What muscles attach to the lesser tuberosity?
Teres Minor
Where is the Deltiod Tuberosity?
On humerus.
Found btwn the biceps and triceps
What muscle attaches to the Deltoid tuberosity?
Anterior Deltoid
Posterior Deltoid
Where is the Sternoclavicular joint?
The articulation between the sternum and clavicle.
Where is the AC joint? Acromioclavicular Joint
Articulation between the acromion process and clavicle.
Where is the glenohumeral Joint?
Articulation of the humerus and glenoid fossa (scapula)
What is adduction of scapula?
Movement toward the spine
What is abduction of the scapula?
Movement away from the spine
What is elevation of the scapula?
A superior movement of the scapula. (Raising the shoulders toward the back)
What is depression of the scapula?
An inferior movement of the scapula. (pushing shoulders down)
What is Upward rotation of the scapula?
Done by raising the arms.
Is a movement around a sagittal axis that passes through the center of the scapula. The lateral angle of the scapula move in a superior direction
What is Downward rotation of the scapula?
The return of scapula to the anatomical position from the upward rotation.
What is horizontal abduction of the Humerus?
Extending an arm outward from the body. Level w/the shoulder
What is Horizontal adduction of the Humerus
Extending the arm across the body, more or less level w/the shoulder
What 3 muscles make up the lower trapezius?
Trapezius 3
Trapezius 4

Inferior to upper.
Where is the Serratus Anterior
From the first 8 ribs, it wraps around the ribs running to the scapula, where it attaches to the anterior surface of the vertebral border
Where is the Levator Scapula?
From the upper four cervical vertebrae to the superior angle of the scapula. (Superior & medial to the scapula)
Where are the Rhomboids?
Located beneath T3 and T4 Between the upper five or six thoracic vertebrae and the vertebral border of the scapula.
Where is the Coracobrachialis?
Runs btwn the coracoid process of the scapula and the medial surface of the humerus across from the deltoid tuberosity.
Where is the Teres Major?
Latissimus dorsi's "little helper". Located lateral to trapezius and inferior to the posterior deltoid.
Where is the Supraspinatus?
Attaches on the greater tuberosity of the humerus, crosses superior to the joint, lies directly in the frontal plane, is deep to T2.
What is the Musculotendinous Cuff?
What 4 muscles make it work?
The Rotator Cuff

Teres minor
Contraction - pulls its insertion toward its origin. Ex. biceps brachii when forearm moves toward shoulder
Eccentric Contraction
When load is greater than the force produced by muscle, tension develops, yet muscle INCREASES.
Isometric Contraction
Result when muscle function is to stabilize a structure, base of support. When load is greater than the force the muscle can produce.
What 3 muscles make up the Upper Trapezius?
Trapezius 1
Levator Scapula
Trapezius 2

It is superior to the spine of scapula
Where is the Latissimus Dorsi?

Widest Back
lower back
lateral & inferior to the trapezius.
Attaches to the lower six thoracic vertebrae
Lumbar vertebrae
Ilium (hip bone)
Where is the Subscapularis?
Attaches at subscapular fossa of scapula runs to the lesser tuberosity of the humerus.
Which superficial muscles of the Humerus rotates inward?
L atissimus Dorsi
A nterior Deltiod
T eres Major
Which superficial muscles of the Humerus abduct?
Anterior, Middle, Posterior
Pectoralis Major