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I am the turning point of a story. I am also the high point. When I occur, the reader finds out what happens that is of most interest. The reader FINDS OUT HOW THE STORY CHANGES. What am I?
I have several different elements that make me up. They are mounting conflict, climax, and resolution. What am I?
I am the time and place of the story. What am I called?
I am a person, animal, or cartoon person in literature. What am I?
I have made-up or pretend characters, setting, and events in me. What category of literature am I?
I am a true story based on true events, true characters, and a true setting.
I am an element of the plot. I am the part when the problem is set forth or told to the reader. The reader learns more and more about me as the story goes on. What am I?
Mounting conflict
I am the lesson on life that the author is trying to teach. What am I?
I am usually the shortest element of the plot, and I occur at the end of the story. I tell how the problem or conflict is solved. What am I?
I am a story. I can be fiction or nonfiction. What am I?
I have stanzas instead of paragraphs. Sometimes I rhyme & sometimes I don't rhyme. What am I?
I am a poem that does NOT rhyme. What am I called?
Free verse