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Short, narrative poem relating a single dramatic event
Folk ballad
Short, narrative poem composed to be sung
Verse form from 14th and 15th century France, usually with an envoy used as a dedication or address to an important person
Chronicle plays
Dramas based on 16th century English chronicles; "patriotic"
Closet drama
Play meant to be read rather than performed
Reflective poem of lamentation or regret
Long, exalted narrative poem; usually a serious subject focused on heroic figure
Song or poem written to celebrate a marriage (Song of Solomon)
Short literary piece in prose that discusses a topic or attempts to persuade
Comic, bawdy, satirical tales (ex: Canterbury Tales)
Light, comic theatrical piece with exaggerated characters
Gothic roman
Mysteries written in late 18th - early 19th century England, usually taking place in medieval ruins or haunted castles
Unrhymed Japanese poem recording essence of a moment keenly perceived (5-7-5)
Primer used in 15th-16th century for children
Short poem
Short, nonsensical, ribald, humorous verse (popular rather than literary)
Picaresque novel
Novel in which an underdog has a series of episodic adventures in which he sees the world (satricial commentary)
Epistolary novel
Novel told through a series of letters between protagonists
Naturalistic novel
Novel that studies that effects of heredity versus environment on human beings
Social novel
Regional novel that describes the life of the people in a particular place
Metaphysical novel
Novel focusing on creation, judgment and redemption
Shepherd's life presented in a conventional manner (told in many forms)
Novel of manners
Novel that studies the conventions of a particular group in a particular time
Name two authors of fables
Jean de la Fontaine
A story that criticizes and exposes human vices
Give three examples of books and authors of children's fantasy books
Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Baum
Winnie-the-Pooh, Milne
Mary Poppins, Travers
The Hobbit, Tolkein
The Chronicles of Narnia, Lewis
Wrinkle in Time, L'Engle
Red Wall Series, Jacque
Give two examples of adventure or mystery books for children
Wind in the Willows, Graham
Island of the Blue Dolphins, O'Dell
Sounder, Armstrong
Give an example of a socially relevant children's book
Outsiders, Hinton
I Am the Cheese, Cormier
Name two authors of Tudor Lyric poetry
Shakespeare, Sir Walter Raleigh
Name an example of epic poetry from England, 17th century
Paradise Lost, Milton
Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard, Gray
Rape of the Lock, Pope
Name an example of Restoration comedy (sexual politics)
Country Wife, William Wycherly
Give an example of a picaresque novel
Moll Flanders, Daniel DeFoe
Captivity narrative
American Puritan story of a woman captured by Indians, resists and is delivered into salvation (Humiliations Follow'd with Deliverances, Cotton Mather)
Plantation tradition novels
Works that look back fondly to pre-Civil War times, characters are white, paternalistic masters, "happy darkies". 1880s to 1900s
Realism (American)
Literature that represents middle-class life, backlash to romanticism. Civil War to turn of the century.
Name three American realist authors
Mark Twain
William Dean Howells
Rebecca Harding Davis
John W. DeForest
Henry James
Slave narrative
Autobiographical accounts of ante-Bellum former slaves (1830-1890)
Name three authors of slave narratives
Frederick Douglass
Nat Turner
William Wells Brown
Harriet Jacobs