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The functions of the three permission types (read, write, and execute) are applied the same for files and directories. True or False
By default, only root can execute a file automatically.
True or False
Successful commands usually return the code 0 to the shell. True or False
You can use condition statements to create menu scripts that allow users to choose from a list of options. True or False
The if statement can only return a binary zero or one condition. True or False
Which symbol represents a permission that has not been granted?
Hyphen (-)
Which command is used to change permissions on files and directories?
which command removes write and execute permissions for the other category on file4?
chomod o-wx file4
what is the corresponding numeric notation for a file with rw-rw-r-- permissions?
_____ consists of binary ones and zeros.
machine code
the BASH shell is an example of a ______?
with a compiled program, all the source code is converted to machine code and stored in a ___- before the users runs the scripts.
binary file
which command is used to display a list of all environment variables and their stored values?
to see a particular variables stored value, you can use the echo command and add ______ symbol before the variable name.
which variable assignment method would you use to specify in a script command?
direct assignment
which variable assignment method is useful when you need information from the user to complete the script?
when you run the scr1 script using the ./scr1 command, the filename is considered position zero in the command, and the text ./scr1 becomes the value of the ____variable
which command will display the exit status code on the screen?
echo $?
which command ends a case statement?
the case statement syntax requires a ______ to mark the end of each code portion matching a specific value.
double semicolon (; ; )
the cat command is usually used to display the contents of a _______
small text file
the head command displays the first ___ lines of a text file.
what is the results of running the tail +5 scr8 command?
the command displays the contents of the scr8 file starting at line five.
which command displays a files contents on screen at a time?
A ______ is a set of rules for instructing a computer how to perform specific tasks.
programming language
with a ______ program, the source code is converted to machine code, line by line as the users runs the script
the purpose of a _______ is to add documentation information for users and anyone else who might need to modify the script
when you quit a program or a command a numeric code called a ______ is sent to the shell.
exit status code
____ is used to perform a set of commands repeatedly.
_____ indicates the end of the condition being tested.
fi statment
________indicates the end of the code to be repeated.
done statement
______ a loop statement that specifies the number of times to execute the portion of code.
for statement
________ a loop statement that causes the interpreter to continue executing the code in the until loop portion of the script as long as the condition is false.
until statement
_____ starts the condition being tested
if statement
_____ a loop statement that tests a condition in much the same way as if-then statements
while statements
_______ starts the portion of code specifying what to do if the condition evaluates to false
else statement
______ indicates the beginning of the code to be repeated.
do statement
______ starts the portion of code specifying what to do if the condition evaluates to true.
then statement
why is it essential to understand the basics of shell scripting?
it is useful for task automation and troubleshooting for the system administrator
after creating a shell script and assigning execute permissions, how do you define its stored location and why must you do this.
you enter a absolute or relative path. because the kernel looks in the directory paths defined in the path variable
describe the case statement
uses one variable to specify multiple values and matches a portion of the script to each value
describe an until loop
repeats the commands between do and done as long as the tested condition is false. until the condition is true
describe a for loop
repeats the commands between do and done a specific number of times.