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This partition/dir contains Xwindows configuration files
This parition/folder contains startup scripts and the rc directories
Contains most user applications and should be in the user's path.
Contains software that is not part of the operating system itself. Simplifies backups.
Used to store temporary files for printing, mail, and news. Can grow very large and should be monitored.
Contains software that is not part of the operating system itself. Simplifies backups.
Contains binary files for software installed after installation of the operating system and should be on user's path.
What command would you type to find files named "770"?
find -name 770
What command would you type to find files with permission settings 770
find -perm 770
What command would you type to find files modified within the past 770 days?
find -mtime 770
When you install the locate utility on your system, you must create a database file called "x" and place it in location "y"?
x=locate.db, y=/var/lib
The newer more common version of locate called slocate resides where?
To keep the slocate db up to date, rebuild with this command?
Where is the root account defined?
Use this account when you are logged in as a user and need to do something as root?
UID's less than this # are usually reserved for system accounts?
The beginning user group ID is defined in this file.
System groups are usually numbered from what to what? User groups usually start at?
0-49, 50
Password characteristics are stored in what file?
How can you change the password for multiple users at one time?
Use the chpasswd [option] command
What file can you edit to create a new user account?
what file requires editing if you want to add a new user to an existing group?
what option with the useradd command creates a home directory for the new user?
useradd -m username
How can you specify when you want an account to expire with useradd?
useradd -e MM/DD/YY username
This command allows you to change the fields in an established user account.
when using usermod with these options, data in the old directory will be copied to the new directory
usermod -m -d
Using this command and option will delete a user from the /etc/passwd and other system files as well as delete their home directory.
userdel -r
What file is used to create and manage group accounts?
This utility can be used as an alternative to editing the /etc/group file
This command & option allows you to add users to a group without editing the /etc/group file?
gpasswd -a
you can switch between the groups to which you belong by using this command?