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A suspended program can be restarted in the background using this command?
To send a signal to stop a process, this command is used
If a process refuses to die use this signal # with the kill command
kill -9 PID
What command kills every process running on your PC?
After entering the killall command, kill vi(4512) ? y/n appears on your display. Which killall command did you use?
killall -i vi
Many filesystems are defined in this file system?
To place the floppy disk drive /dev/fd0 into your Linux filesystem hierarchy, you'd type
mount /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy
Which of these commands will check to see whether the floppy disk /dev/fd1 can be mounted, but will not actually mount it?
mount -f /dev/fd1 /mnt/floppy
This file contains information about filesystems?
if you wanted to mount a floppy with the vfat filesystem, you would type
mount -t vfat /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy
This file lists the filesystems that are currently mounted?
to check the ext2 filesystem on the second partition of the first IDE hard disk, you would enter?
fsck -t ext2 /dev/hda2
Which of the following commands will check /dev/hda2 for bad blocks as well as for filesystem integrity?
fsck -c -t ext2 /dev/hda2
This command reports on the amount of space occupied by a single file or by a directory and all its files and subdirectories.
Unless you use the this option, du displays only the directories?
This command reports on the size of devices such as partitions?
enable the ability to set quotas, you must first edit what file?
what empy files do you need to create in the root dir of the partition you want to enable user/group quotes on?
After rebooting your system, you can turn on the quotas using what command?
Type your answer below. You've specified the usrquota option for most of the filesystems in /etc/fstab. Now you want to disable quotas for all these filesystems. What command do you use
quotaoff -a
What command do you use to modify a user or group quota after quota management has been turned on?
How do you set the quota grace period?
edquota -t
Your system includes a sample account, newuser. You want to set Mary's quotas so that it's the same as newuser. What's the command?
edquota -p newuser -u mary
What option should be used with the quota command to only show filesystems where the quota has been exceeded?
quota -q
This command displays a summary of the amount of disk usage and quotas for the specified filesystems
repquota [options] [filesystem]
Use this option with repquota to determine data for all filesystems
This command goes through the partition and updates the quota status?
quotacheck [options] [filesystem]
Normally runs after fsck (file system check) at system boot
This command displays information about how quotas are administered on your machine
This creates a new pointer to a file and not a new copy of the file
hard link
To make hard links to directories, what options must be added to ln
-d or -F
Symbolic links are created using the ln command with the what option
ln -s original_file_name link_name