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colleague (n)

someone you work with

department (n)

a section of a large organization such as a government, business, university, etc

employee (n)

someone who works in a company

industry (n)

the production of goods from raw materials, especially in factories

long service

working somewhere for a long time

lunch break (n)

The time you get to eat lunch when you're working

market leader (n)

the number one company in a market

promotion (n)

a move to a more important job or rank in a company or an organization

staff (n)

Workers employed by a company

training course

a series of lessons on a subject to improve skills

work as a team (exp)

to work with the other members of a group

opinions about something
a group of things that are different but generally of the same type
maintain (v)
to make something continue in the same way or to the same standard.