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Bar, drinking establishment


Post office




younger sibling

영화 배우

movie actor

신발을 신다

to put on/wear footwear (shoes)

구두를 신다

put on dress shoes

구두 한 켤레

one pair of shoes

운동화를 신다

to put on sneakers/tennis shoes

양말을 신다

to wear socks

끼다 (껴요)

to put on rings, gloves, contacts, etc.

반지를 끼다 (껴요)

To put on ( finger) rings

장갑을 끼다 (껴요)

To put on gloves

다 (써요)

To put sth on your head/face: hat, glasses

모자를 쓰

To put on a hat

안경을 끼다/ 쓰다

To put on glasses

시계를 차다

To wear a watch

넥타이를 매다 ( 매요)

Put on a tie

옷을 입다 (입어요)

To put on clothes

양복을 입다

To wear a suit

셔츠를 입다

To wear a shirt

와이셔츠를 입다

To wear a dress shirt

바지를 입다

To wear trousers

청바지를 입다

To wear jeans

치마를 입다

To wear a skirt

귀걸이를 하다

To put on earrings

목걸이를 하다

To wear a necklace

스카프를 하다

Wear a thin silk scarf

콘택트렌즈를 끼다

Wear/ put on contact lenses

반지를 빼다 (빼요)

take off/ remove ring

콘택트렌즈를 빼다

Remove contact lenses

넥타이를 풀다

Undo tie

벗다 (벗어요)

Take off (for almost anything else you wear)