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Pressing and releasing the left (primary) mouse button
Double Clicking
Pressing the mouse button twice quickly
A special method of using a mouse to move a window or a graphic object across the screen - specifically, by selecting the object to be moved, pressing and holding down the mouse button while moving the mouse (and at the same time moving the object)
Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Describes computer-user interaction in which the user relies on an easy-to-use visual setting - that is, familiar graphical images or icons (as in windows) - rather than a difficult, word-base setting that requires memorization of complicated comands
Graphic images or symbols that represent applications (programs), files, disk drives, documents, embedded objects, or linked objects
A windows feature that connects data in different documents or applications so that data changed in one document updates all other data that has been connected
Log Off
An Option used to exit an account without turning off hte computer so the name of a different user can log on at a later time
Log On
An option that identifies a person by user name and password so the user's personal settings and desktop will be loaded
A pointing device thta serves as a faster, more effective alternative to the keyboard in communicating instructions
Mounse Buttons
Controls on a mouse that activate functions or call up menus when clicked
Mouse Pointer (Pointer)
On-screen object (whose shape changes depending on the function) whose movement and function is controlled by the mouse.
Running two or more distinct computer operations simultaneously - one in the foreground, the other(s) in the background
Primary Button
The mouse that is sued for selecting and dragging. By default, the primary button is the button on the left.
Pressing and quickly releasing the button on the right side of the mouse
Select (Highlight)
To "select" an object, a block of text, or an icon and therefore identify it before issuing a command or an action that will affect the selected item
Shortcut menu button
also called the secondayr button, it's the button on the right of the mouse
Standard Desktop
In the opening Window's screen, the entire background area where windows, icons, and and dialog boxes represent your work area
Start button
The button on the tastbar that will display options such as launching programs, opening documents, or other frequently needed tasks
Name of the mircosoft operating system; also, the objects that characterize the windos GUI