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How many constitutions has Illinois had?


In what year was the present Illinois Constitution ratified and approved?

December 15th 1970

In what year did the present Illinois Constitution go into effect?

July 1st 1971

Three responsibilities that states have been given by the US Constitution?

Local laws, traffic laws, education

How many branches of government does Illinois government have?


Name them

The legislative branch the executive branch and judicial branch

Explain two ways the Illinois Constitution can be amended?

Constitutional conventions, and by the General Assembly

How many official flags had Illinois had?

One official flag

What year did the present flag from the official flag?

In 1969

What two years appear on the Illinois flag?

1868 its importance was because it was when Illinois became a state. And 1818 the year the great seal was redesigned

The eagle hold a banner. What does a better have written on it?

State sovereignty and national union

State tree

White Oak

State flower


State mineral


State insect

Monarch butterfly

State slogan

"Land of Lincoln"

State song

"Illinois, Illinois"

State animal

Whitetail deer

State fish

Blue gill

State dinosaur

Tullimonstrum Gregarium

State motto

State sovereignty national union

Meaning of state motto

The Illinoise model symbolically reflects the power and pride of being a small states what's in a large state

What is an example of a special purpose district?

Special-purpose districts provide specialized services only to those persons who live with in them

Illinois counties

Will County, Kankakee County, Cook County, Dupage County, Grundy County, Kendall County, Kane County