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Notices are advertisements sent to certain groups of people.

Commercial speech

Communications made for business purposes. Speech made in the pursuit of capitalism is commercial speech, and it is less protected under Free Speech doctrines than religious or political speech.

Fraudulent information

Material misrepresentation of fact. Omissions can also be fraudulent.

Inappropriate implications

Unjustified expectations, side-stepping the law.

Inappropriate comparisons

Comparisons that are unverifiable.


A real word, used in sales contacts to mean an opinion or belief that is not meant to be taken as a statement of fact or warranty.


A statement that amounts to a promise of quality or the Assurance of certain facts.

Inter Alia

A Latin phrase that means among other things.

Plea bargaining

Negotiating in a criminal case, resulting in the prosecutor and the defendant agreeing to dispose of the charges through a settlement in which the defendant pleads guilty to a lesser charge.


Libel is a false written statement that is published and made in order to harm the reputation of another.


Slander is the spoken form of libel. Libel and slander are different forms of defamation.


The grand of ownership and an invention, giving the owner exclusive rights over the invention for a certain number of years.


Admiralty law involves the traditional rules and practices associated with the navigation of the sea or commercial transaction conducted on navigable waterways. Admiralty law is also known as maritime law.

Accident runners

Persons hired by lawyers to find personal injury clients, usually by going to the scene of accident or disasters. Accident Runners are respected even less than ambulance Chasers.

Executive committee

The select group of a law firms Partners were responsible for the managing of the firm's economic performance and setting its long-range goals. Including on the executive committee is the firm's managing partner.


A court order forbidding a party to do something or ordering them to start doing something.

Written solicitation

Act or instance of requesting or seeking business or information through writing. Targeted mailers are considered a form of written solicitation.


The act of a creditor to take ownership and control of property that was used as collateral by the debtor.


That which concerns money.

Class action

A lawsuit brought by a representative of a large group of plaintiff or perspective plaintiff on behalf of the group. Rule 23 of the federal rules of civil procedure governs class actions.