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What needs to be done before ABX susceptibility?

Form cultures, identify organism, susceptibility test

What are some types of ABX susceptibility testing?

Broth dilution

Antimicrobial Gradient

Disk diffusion

What is the broth dilution test?

Innoculate same amount of a bacterial isolate into dilutions of antibiotic

Lowest dilution that the bacteria doesn't grow in is the Minimum Inhibitory Concentration

Typically done in 96 well microtitre plates

What is the antimicrobial gradient method?

MIC is determined by the intersection of the organism growth with the strip as measured using the scale on the strip

What is the disk diffusion test?

Measure radius, group as resistant/intermediate/susceptible

Why are different types of bacteria more effectively treated by different types of ABX

Due to intrinsic and acquired resistances

What are intrinsic resistances in bacteria?

Occur naturally

Chromosomally encoded

Reduced permeability to ABX

ABX efflux

What are acquired resistances in bacteria?

Results from a mutation in the DNA

OR acquisition of new DNA that carries resistance

Changes in ABX targets

Modification of targets

Direct modification of the ABX