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What is the FPI? and who was it developed by?
The FPI is a measurment system proposed by Anthony Redmond..as current evaluation techniques have displayed problems with reliability and more importantly validity (static measures reflecting dynamic events)
What are some of the current measures?
- calcaneus RCSP/NCSP
- Navicular drop/drift
- Arch height/angle
- Footprints - valgus index/arch index
- Radiographic measures
What are the problems with the current measures?
- High arched feet can pronate from NCSP so arch angle not indicative of Rfoot ROM
- Abducted feet may be high arched
- Footprint not indicative of foot function
- Single plane measurement too simplistic to predict foot function
- What is neutral?
- Measurement stem from hypothetical position
- Normal (statistical) vs Root normal
What are ideal measures? - Essay or short answer question
- Wb
- Multiplanar
- Multisegmental (rearfoot/forefoot etc)
- Reliable
- valid
- Requiring minimal manipulation to subjective position?
What does the FPI look at?
1. talar head palpation
2. Supra and infra malleolar curves
3. TNK buldge
4. congruence of MLA
5. Add/Abd of Ffoot on the Rfoot
6. calcaneal FP position
How is the FPI scored?
- Composite score
- each factor is calculated as -2, -1, 0, 1, 2
- +ve pronation, -ve supination
- can identify individual planes by combination of elements
How good is the FPI?
- Reliability intra and inter on different age groups good in one study but less so in a second study (08)
- Validity... pseudo validiation against Valgus Index is good, Cronbach's α = 0.84
- Criterion validation against x-ray measures not well correlated
- validation against modelling returned good results, but same as criterion re gross movement