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What are the two different receptors in the nose?

What are the olfactory receptors?

What is sensory adaptation in the olfactory system?

What is gustation?

Information about taste buds

How do taste buds work?

Facts about taste buds

What are hair cells and what do they do in hearing?

What do the different parts of the ear do?

How does normal hearing work?

How do bionic ears work?

How does balance work?

What are the sensory pathways for equilibrium/balance and hearing?

What are the main structures of the eye?

What is aqueous humor?

What are conjunctiva?

Where are tears produced and what function do they serve?

How are pupil sizes regulated?

What are rods and cones?

What are cataracts and other abnormal things to do with vision?

What is a electroencephalogram?

What are the 3 stages of non-REM sleep?

What occurs during REM sleep?

What is the sleep cycle?

What is amnesia?