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what 4 muscles make up the rotator cuff?

1. subscapularis

2. suprspinatus

3. infraspinatus

4. teres minor

rotator cuff strains young athlete vs. older athlete

young = minor, positive STTT, some limitation and pain

older = slower onset, more pain (really tendinosis)

what is shoulder impingement?

humerus is pulled to far up and pinches the supraspinatus

what are symptoms of shoulder impingement?

diffuse pain over acromion and deltoid

increase pain with overhead activities

difficulty sleeping on shoulder

feels okay below shoulder height

what is a positive hawkins-kennedy test?

a positive test means pain due to shoulder impingement

how do you treat shoulder impingement (5 steps)

1. palliate pain (POLICE)

2. maintain ROM

3. strengthen stabilizers

4. strengthen RC

5. reinforce proper movement patterns