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Bechdel Test for Film

1. 2 female characters, preferably named

2. 2 females talk to each other

3. about something other than a man

examples of gendered media?

1. mags. Women's health

2. music industry ex. pop is feminine and metal/rock is masculine

3. games ex. women in games are sexaualized


creating media rather than just absorbing

Gender and appearances in media

men have wider range of roles, specifically white males, as women get older they get sectioned to more motherly roles.

most roles fro women are for younger women

Women in Afghanistan

trope of liberating Afghan women for the war

negative stereotype about Islam towards women

cultural understanding of femininity/ masculinity

different cultures have different understandings of what is feminine or masculine

thus, careful consideration should be had when it comes to "liberating" people for gender b/c what Western culture believes is gender oppression may not be true in that culuture

Western Women and Afghan Women

Afghan women are rescued to make them more Western- "lifting the veil"

based on belief that western women are free and not oppressed

Taliban in Western context

seen as pure evil, oppressing women

Orientalist framing of Islam

is defined as an "other" defined in opposition to the West

misses how there are other factors at work, such as colonialism

Canadian fight in Afghanistan

seen as chivalrous

makes Canadians look like "good guys"

failure to recognize oppression of women in Canada- in particular Indigenous women

Mainstream culture paying lip service to feminism

spice girls example: making commercial efforts that "enhance" feminism, but the real goal is to make money

produces feminine norms and hegenomity

Riot Grrrl

punk and DIY

wanted to be separate for mainstream media

creating culture

Riot Grrrl

being a rockstar

bent gendered roles of rockstars, as members of riot grrrl became akin to rockstars in fame

Riot Grrrl Doc

movement created

the movement tapped created a space where sexual abuse especially in the home- incest, date rape, being abused in a supposed safe space was talked about

Canadian Masculinity

defined in contrast to non-Canadian cultures or "less manly" masculinity

gendered nationality=sports=beer= Canadian masculinity

why is sport masculine?

1. physical aggression

2. courage, sacrifice

3. links with war/ military

4. men's space away from work and family

5. heterosexual contact with men

6. male bonding with alcohol

moslon canadian ad

not only sells product but also gender