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Street v Mountford

To have a tenancy must be given a term certain which grants exclusive possession at a rent

Requirements of creating a lease

Deed, parol evidence leases and biding contract for equitable leases

(S.25 lpa & S. 1 lp (mp)a 1989 , s. 54 (2) lpa & Walsh v Lonsdale respectively)

Ashburn ansalt v Arnold

Rent isn't always needed but explanation why it isn't there needed.

Colchester council v Smith

Lack of rent alongside other facts, including temporary nature of accommodation demonstrated no intention to create legal relations

Term certain

Start date and maximum (not actual duration)

Prudential assurance Co Ltd

Actual duration need not be known just maximum

Lace v chanter

No lease If maximum can't be discovered ... war ends tenancy will end? Didn't know when war would end so couldn't be terms certain

Mexfield v Berrisford

Uncertain leasehold term could be classified as a lease for life, if rent was payable s. 149 (6)lpa transferred it into a lease for life in certain term of 90 years, determinable earlier by death. Unjustified as to if automatic or not