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Who was Jupiter/Zeus?
The Roman/Greek king of the gods, lord of the sky.
Who was Juno/Hera?
The Roman/Greek wife of Jupiter/Zeus.
Who was Neptune/Poseidon?
The Roman/Greek god that ruled the sea.
Who was Pluto/Hades?
The Roman/Greek god that was in charge of the underworld or land of the dead.
Who was Minerva/Athena?
The Roman/Greek goddess of wisdom and of battles.
Who was Apollo/Apollo?
The Roman/Greek god in charge of music, truth, poems, and also related to the sun.
Who was Diana/Artemis?
The Roman/Greek goddess of the moon and hunting
Who was Venus/Aphrodite?
The Roman/Greek goddess of love and beauty.
Who was Mercury/Hermes?
The Roman/Greek messenger of the gods, and also a god of healing.
Who was Mars/Ares?
The Roman/Greek god of war.
Who was Vulcan/Hephaestus?
The Roman/Greek god of fire.
Who was Vesta/Hestia?
The Roman/Greek goddess of the eternal flame.