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when your jungler is coming for a gank

Lure your lane opponent to the side where the jungler will come from

During dead space gameplay you should

be thinking about what you should be doing

While you play you should be coming up with

wild strategies, that may or may not work.

when the enemy laner comes back to lane

press tab and see what they bought, if there is no ward inform your jungler

when you see your laner ward

time it and ping it for your jungler.

wards last

1 minute (trinkets), 2 minutes (trinket post 9), 3 minutes (green ward)

You need to think about

what the enemy wants to do, not what you want to do.

you should buy

2 wards every time you go back

When you die

think about one thing you could have done better

Your jungler will give you

an idea of where their jungler is.

glance at your map, after every


F tab to check lanes when

there is no cs that is low.

Veigars "q" costs _____ mana, and has a cd of

60base Plus 5 per level. (7 - .5 per level cd

with 950 range

veigars e has a ____ cd _____ range and costs ______. the stun is _______

18 - 1 per level. 700 range. mana cost 80 + 5 per level. 1.5 stun + .25 s per level

Alistars q has a CD of ______ a mana cost of _______ and a range of ______

cd=17-1pl. Mana cost= 65 +5 pl. range = 365

alistars w has a CD of _______ a mana cost of ______ and a range of _______

CD=14-1pl. Mana cost =65 + 5 pl. Range = 650

In teamfights you should

As a squishy, be in the back line. As a tank be peeling and saving cc for your back line.

Your build should be 100% based on.

the condition of the game. A zhonas hour glass on corki or kog could win you the game because their assassins can no longer 1 shot you.

When trading in lane

make sure you don't lose cs, but the enemy laner does. Before trading, locate the jungler.

You should avoid at all costs

panicking. You can do this by just chilling out, and keeping a level head.

If a player gets caught out by a key crowd control ability


before you engage you should

f tab your entire team, make sure they are all there and in good positioning.

When ahead you should buy

even more wards