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What is the difference between grade and rank?
Grade is for example Captain, Staff Sergeant. Rank shows seniority ; no two persons in a grade have the same rank-one is always senior to the other
Today's CAP uniform is essentially the same as that worn by the US Air Force. What distinguishes you as a part of CAP?
CAP distinctive insignia
Cadet officers, senior members and officers of all the military services are addressed as
"sir" or "ma'am"
Customs are those things which should be done; taboos are those things which should not be done. (T/F)
Self-management is an extension of self-discipline. Self-management is plotting your course; self-discipline is staying on it. (T/F)
The orderly movement of the flight from place to place or from one location to another
What is the CAP motto?
Semper Vigilans--Always Vigilant
Who was the first National Commander of Civil Air Patrol?
Major General John F. Curry
What are the three CAP missions?
Aerospace Education
Cadet Program
Emergency Services
What followership quality guides your daily attitude and can come only from inside yourself?
What is internally, not externally motivated?
What publication describes the proper way to wear the CAP uniform?
CAPM 39-1, The Uniform Manual
What year was Civil Air Patrol founded?
Respect for authority is obeying regulations of the CAP and the legitimate orders given to you by those appointed to positions of authority above you. (True or False)
In every CAP unit there is a chain of command. It is the order of authority. There is only ONE chain of command. (True or False)
How many phases are in the cadet program?
Four Phases
Phase I - The Learning Phase
Phase II - The Leadership Phase
Phase III - The Command Phase
Phase IV - The Executive Phase
Generally in Phase I and Phase II achievements, you must take an aerospace education test, leadership test, and complete moral leadership and physical fitness requirements. (True or False)
Cadet Major
What cadet rank is one silver diamond?
Cadet Second Lieutenant
What cadet rank is one silver circle?
Cadet Technical Sergeant
What cadet rank is five stripes?
Lieutenant Colonel
What senior rank is a silver oak leaf?
What do these steps describe?

After dismissed by the officer, come to position of attention and render a hand salute.
Hold the salute until the officer returns it.
Execute the appropriate facing movement so you can take the most direct route out of the office.
Dismissal after reporting indoors to an officer.
The Cadet Oath

I pledge that I will serve faithfully in the Civil Air Patrol cadet
program, and that I will attend meetings regularly, participate
actively in unit activities, obey my officers, wear my uniform properly,
and advance my education and training rapidly to prepare myself to
be of service to my community, state, and nation.
How many categories are there in the cadet physical fitness program?
There are four categories:
Category 1 - Unrestricted
Category 2 - Temporarily restricted
Category 3 - Partially restricted
Category 4 - Indefinitely restricted
Respect for authority, attitude, integrity and self-discipline and listening are the five aspects of _____________.
Discipline helps ensure the needed, predictable actions especially during emergency services. (true or false)
Name the steps for reporting indoors to an officer.
Knock on the door firmly once
When told to enter take the most direct route to the officer.
Halt two paces from the officer or in front of the officer’s desk
Salute and say “Sir/Ma’am, (your CAP grade and last name) reporting as ordered.”
Hold the salute until the officer has returned your salute.
Stand at attention unless told to do otherwise.
Performing customs and courtesies smartly and properly builds _____,____, and ______-_______.
pride, confidence, and self-respect
Showing politeness and personal recognition to others is __________.
The chain of command in every CAP unit is by definition the ___________.
Order of Authority
What is the most important thing about reading?
When you do a task because you see that it needs to be done, not because you are told to do it is ____-________.
Trustworthiness and dependability in doing any task expected of you is the definition of __________?
Integrity is doing what you know is right. (true or false)
What is the purpose of drill?
to learn teamwork
What is the key to a good attitude?
What publication describes the requirements for the physical fitness program for cadets?
CAPP 52-18
The minimum basic male cadet uniform consists of:___ ____ ___ ____ _____ , dark blue trousers, blue belt with silver buckle, blue flight cap, low quarter plain toed black shoes without decoration, and black socks.
short sleeve light blue shirt
Female hair may include bangs if they do not extend below the eyebrows, and may be worn with the flight cap and may touch the collar, but not fall ___ __ ___ __ ___ _____.
below the edge of the collar.
Male hair may have a tapered appearance. It may not touch the ears or the collar. ______must be neatly trimmed, not flared, and end with a clean-shaven horizontal line that ends at or above the lowest part of the exterior opening of the
One method of teaching drill commands is called ___ ____. They are practice commands given at the same time by everyone in a formation in unison. You repeat the command after it is given by the instructor and then you execute it. This way you will learn by saying the command, then by doing it.
mass commands
Part of the reason for the founding of CAP was to keep aviation from being put aside entirely during the war. (true/false)
What cadet insignia is three diamonds?
What cadet insignia is one stripe?
C/Airman First Class
What cadet rank is two stripes?
C/Senior Airman
What cadet rank is three stripes?
C/Staff Sergeant
What cadet rank is four stripes?
C/Master Sergeant
What cadet rank is 6 stripes?
C/Senior Master Sergeant
What cadet rank is 7 stripes?
C/Chief Master Sergeant
What cadet rank is 8 stripes?
C/1st Lieutenant
What cadet rank is two silver circles?
What cadet rank is three silver circles?
C/Lieutenant Colonel
What cadet rank is two silver diamonds?
What cadet rank is three silver diamonds?
2d Lieutenant
What rank is one gold bar?
What rank is two silver bars?
What rank is one gold oakleaf?
What rank is a silver eagle?