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Founder, Chairman Board of Directors
Herb Kelleher
Chief Executive Officer
Gary Kelly
Colleen Barrett
Vice President Inflight Services
Mike Hafner
Senior Director Employee Resources & Base Operations
Naomi Hudson
Western Regional Director Flight Attendants
Dave Kissman
Dallas Inflight Base Manager
Henry Townsend
The Rael Who
Oakland Inflight Base Manager
Doreen Warner
Jim Morrison;Time
Phoenix Inflight Acting Base Manager
Sonya Lacore
Schmidt to the core
Eastern Regional Director Flight Attendants
David Curry
Letterman;Eastern Food
Baltimore Inflight Base Manager
Jim Melinick
Carranikas; Brooks
Chicago Inflight Base Manager
Simon Reid
American Idol; Saxaphone
Orlando Inflight Base Manager
Helen Hancock
Sister in law;Herbie
Houston Inflight Base Manager
Kevin Clark
Sanders; Dark
Houston Inflight Base Manager
Kevin Clark
Sgt Sanders; Ft Campbell
Director Inflight Training
Steve Banegas
Cousin Lopez;Brainfart
Manager Inflight Training
John Zenici
Assistant Manager Initial Training
Tom Raffalski
Prim Drawing/Pagosa
Assistant Manager Initial Training
Carmen Allen
Epi Spouse; Toolman
Director Inflight Standards
Paula Gaudet
Manager Regulatory Procedures & Safety
Brent Harper
Neighbor;Valley PTA
Manager Curriculum & Publications
Sarah Schulte
Rael;Hogans Heroes
Manager Communications & Initiatives
Melissa Overby
UA Trujillo;Under
Director Crew Scheduling, Audit, Planning & Aotomation
Brendon Conlon