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Action Level

30 ug/m3


50 ug/m3

Lead contractor refresher

Due within 2 years training expiration

Lead abatement applies to

Residential & child occupied

Target home pre 1978 except

Zero bedroom dwelling (hotels, hospitals, etc)

Residential property for the elderly/disabled

Child occupied facility

The same child under 6 attends two different days a week for at least 3 hours a visit AND 6 hours weekly AND 60 hours annually

EBL stands for

Elevated blood level

In Ohio, licensed workers require what class

4 day class

In USA,how many homes contain lead?

34 million, a third of all homes

In Ohio, lead supervisor/contractor must be present:

During work site prep,

During post work cleanup

More lead used in ___________ than anything else


In last 100 years lead used in __________ amounts in paint and gasoline


The primary method of lead absorption in children is


The primary method of lead absorption in lead workers is


Lead stays in the BLOOD

4 - 6 weeks in the BLOOD

PHA stands for

Public housing authority

IHA stands for

Indian housing authority

A surface is positive for lead when

1 mg/cm2 (XRF)

Paint chip is positive for lead when

5,000 ppm or .5% by weight

Osha lead in construction standard

CFR 1926.62

If you don't do air monitoring, you are assumed to be

Above the PEL

Only __________ approved respirators can be used


Respirator standard (OSHA)

CFR 1910.134

HE PA stands for:

High Efficiency Particulate Aerosol

HEPA filters remove

99.97% of particles down to .3 microns

Respirator filters should be changed

Annually other when breathing becomes difficult

What do the three respirator filter codes mean?




N100 - not oil resistant

R100 - oil resistant

P100 - oil proof

Protection Factor (for respirators) is defined as

Concentration outside divided by concentration inside

Half face mask has protection factor of


Full face mask has protection factor of


PAPR has protection factor of


The type of mask that provides the greatest protection is

Supplied air

Respirators must be fit tested

At least annually or when type of mask changes

Any wearing of a respirator requires

Medical approval, which is initially a questionnaire


Identifies areas where lead based paint is present

Risk assessment

Identifies risks at the time of assessment

XRF stands for

X-ray fluorescence

How often does a personal air sampling pump need to be calibrated?

Daily with filter media in place.

What do you calibrate an air sampling machine with?

A rotameter

Air samples need to be taken

For each task

Walls are labeled

A, B, C, D, with wall A facing front and going clockwise around the building.

What methods are not allowed?

Torch burning

Unconfined grinding

Power washing

Heat guns above 1,100 degrees

Methylene chloride

Who must decide if relocation is necessary?

Property owner

The only consideration in deciding relocation is

Health and safety

Cover __________ with plastic in rooms being worked on.

Vents and returns

___________ ________ in vents must be cleaned with HEPA vac

Visible dust

Heat guns don't work well on


Signs at work site can say anything provided

That air quality is below the PEL

Waste taken outside during abatement

Must be wrapped and sit on plastic

Low dust methods must be written into

Pre-abatement plan

Heat guns don't work well

On plaster

Heat guns can't be used above 1,100 degrees because

That will cause lead vapor

__________ ___________ is prohibited for paint stripping

Methylene chloride


Four methods of abatement

Covering methods:



Removal strategies:



Enclosure requires labeling every ______ feet


Enclosure labeling should say

Danger lead based paint

After labeling post enclosure,

Take pictures of the labeling

Two types of flexible encapsulants:

1. Fiberglass encapsulates (almost never used)

2. Flexible polymer coatings

Two types of surfaces that can not be encapsulated

Friction and impact

Soil replacement should be ____ to ___ inches

6 to 12

Mulch must be ___ to ___ inches.

3 to 4 inches

Cleaning is done by

Hepa, wash, hepa

Final steps in final cleanup are

Paint, hepa, wash, hepa

Clean furnace ducts from

Top to bottom, farthest to nearest furnace

_____ _________ has a record of properties that have had lead problems

ODH website

Residential waste is ______ from hazardous waste disposal.


RCRA stands for

Resource conservation and recovery act of 1076

CFR 1926.62 IS

Lead in construction industry standards


Lead based paint poisoning prevention act of 1971 concerned lead in federally subsidized and financed housing

Title X

Residential lead based paint hazard reduction act of 1992

1 defined targeted homes

2 required lead disclosures to buyers and lessees

3 defined LBS hazards for dust, soil, deteriorated paint and on friction and impact surfaces

HUD guidelines

1 best practices

2 defines lead based paint 1 mg/cm2

OSHAWA Lead Standard CFR 1910.125

Defined action level and PEL

Employee training

Warning signs

Respirator standard is CFR


3 types of liability

Criminal, regulatory, civil

Tort liability requires

A duty exists

A breach of duty occurred

Damages occurred

Duty of care

What would a reasonable person do

Breach of duty is called


Anticipatory injury liability

Damages for an injury that has not yet occurred

Liability for the actions of others is called

Vicarious liability

Types of damages

Property damages

Personal injury

Punitive damages

2 types of insurance

Occurrence based

Claims made

3 types of insurers


Accepted but not admitted

Collective self insurance

3 types of bonds

Bid bond

Payment bond

Performance bond

2 types of contracts

1. Implied - unwritten

2. Expressed - written contract documents

A. Formal contract -legal language

B. General conditions - scope

C. Specifications -details

D. Bid contracts

E. Bonds

3 types of contract spec's

1. Performance - standards met

2. Means and methods - how work is done

3. Combination of 1 and 2


Greater than 150 in adults

100 to 150 in kids


Eating things other than food, like paint chips

Most of the lead in blood is bound to

Red blood cells

Body burden is

The amount of lead stored in the body

What percentage of lead is stored in bone?

95% in adults

70% in children

Medical removal when

2 consecutive blood tests above 50 ug/dl

Respiratory qualitative fit testing

Banana oil or irritant special smoke is released. Subject should not be able to detect substance.

Respiratory quantitative fit testing

Subject wears respirator with probe. Concentrations of test substance inside and outside mask are measured

3 types of specifications

Performance, means and methods, combination of the two

Order of abatement wort

Exterior paint


Exterior dust

Interior paint

Interior dust

Abate lead at what level?

Greater than 1mg/cm2

HUD clearance for dust on floor is

40 ug/ft2

Blood testing (biological monitoring) is required when

Exposure above Action Level) for any one day.

How often is blood testing (biological monitoring or medical surveillance) required if last BLL is above 40ug/dl?

Every 2 months

Blood testing is required how often when removed for elevated BLL?

At least monthly

Medical removal required when

2 blood tests above 50 ug/do

Or when a doctor deems it necessary

Quarterly exposure monitoring when

Exposure above the PEL

3 common methods of laboratory analysis

Atomic absorption

Graphite furnace

Induction coupled plasma

Efficiency of HEPA filter

99.97% down to .3 microns

Preabatement plan that shall be maintained at the work site must include

Occupant protection plan

Compliance plan to protect workers from leadvhazards

Respiratory protection plan

Hazard communication plan

A copy of lead hazard control order

OSHA competent person

A person that is capable of identifying existing and predictable lead hazards and who has authorization to take prompt action to eliminate them

Compliance program

Required for all jobs to prevent employee exposure above the PEL

Respiratory protection program

Required when engineering and work practice controls do not reduce employee exposure to or below the PEL

Medical removal records must be maintained for

Duration of employment

Exposure monitoring records must be maintained

For at least 30 years

Medical surveillance records must be maintained for

Term of employment plus 30 years

OSHAWA HAZCOM (hazard communication standard)

1. Chemical manufacturers must evaluate, label, and provide MODS

2. Employers using hazardous materials must inform employees and train them to work safely with the chemicals and in emergency situations

2 types of respirators

SAR (supplied air respirator)

APR (air purifying respirator)

Common law is based on

Judicial precedents

Liquidated damages

Damages resulting from missing a contractual deadline