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Act No. 496

Land Registration Act

Act No. 1508

Chattel Mortgage Law

BP 220

Economic and Socialized Housing Project

BP 344

Accessibility Law

CA 141

Public Land Act

CA 310

Punishes Transfer to Private Agricultural Lands to Disqualified People

EO 129

Reorganization of DAR and other purposes

EO 228

Declaring full land ownership to qualified farmers covered by PD 957

EO 229

Mechanism for the Implementation of the CARP

EO 355

Creating the Land Settlement and Development Corporation (LASEDECO)

EO 405

Vesting in Land Bank the responsibility for all Lands under RA 6657

EO 407

Accelerates the distribution of suitable agricultural lands of the public domain

PD 2

Proclaiming the entire Philippines as Land Reform Area

PD 27

Tenant Emancipation Decree

PD 223

Act creating the Professional Regulatory Commission

PD 266

Providing the Mechanics of registering titles under PD 27

PD 424

Creation of the National Water Resources Council

PD 461

Creation of the Department of Natural Resources

PD 463

Mineral Resources Development Decree

PD 704

Fisheries Code of the Philippines

PD 705


PD 757

Creation of the National Housing Authority

PD 892

Discontinuance of the Spanish Mortgage Law on registering titles

PD 957

Subdivision and Condominium Buyers' Protective Decree

PD 972

Coal Development Act of 1976

PD 1067

Water Code of the Philippines

PD 1151

Philippine Environmental Policy

PD 1152

Environmental Code of the Phil.

PD 1216

Redifining the open space in residential areas to 30%

PD 1308

Law Regulating the practice of Environmental Planning Profession

PD 1517

Urban Land Reform of the Phil.

PD 1529

Property Registration Decree

PD 1899

Implementation of Small Scale Mining in the Phil.

RA 26

Reconstitution of Torrens Certificate

Ra 274

Subdivision and sale of Idle Lands

RA 386

Civil Code of the Philippines

RA 387

Petroleum Act of 1949

RA 456

Prohibits registration of delinquent documents affecting real property

RA 1160

Creation of the National Resettlement and Rehabilitation Administration (NARRA)

RA 1191

Relations between landholders and tenants of Agricultural Lands

RA 1199

Agricultural Tenancy of the Philippines

RA 1400

Land Reform Act of 1955

RA 7586

National Integrated Protected Area System

RA 1899

Reclamation of foreshore lands by cities and municipalities

RA 2056

Identification of the navigability of water resources like rivers

RA 2259

Cadastral Act

RA 3038

Authorizes the Secretary of Agriculture to sell or lease lands

RA 3512

Creation of the Philippine Fisheries Commission

RA 3601

Creation of the National Irrigation Administration

RA 3844

Agricultural Land Reform Code

Ra 4054

Rice Share Tenancy Act

RA 4374

Geodetic Engineering Law

RA 4726

Condominium Act

RA 6389

Code of Agrarian Reforms of the Philippines

RA 6541

National Building Code

RA 6552

Realty Installment Protection Act (Maceda Law)

RA 6657

Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law of 1988

RA 7076

Small Scale Mining Program Act

RA 7160

Local Government Code

RA 7279

Urban Development and Housing Act of 1992

RA 7652

Investors' Lease Act

RA 7942

Philippine Mining Act of 1995

RA 8368

Repealed the law criminalizing squatting

RA 8371

Indigenous People's Rights Act (IPRA)

RA 8435

Agricultural and Fisheries Modernization Act of 1997 (AFMA)

RA 8550

Philippine Fisheries Code

RA 8560

Philippine Geodetic Engineering Act

RA 9072

National caves and cave resources management and protection act

RA 9176

Extending until 2020 the Filing of Application for Free Patent and Judicial Confirmation of Imperfect and Incomplete Titles

RA 9200

Amending the Geodetic Engineering Law

RA 9700


RA 10023

An act authorizing the issuance of Free Patents to Residential Lands