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claim presented by a defendant against the plaintiff following the claim of the plaintiff
Default judgment
when the defendant doesn't respond to the complaint essentially assuming guilt
De Novo
a trial de novo is a completely new trial held as if the original trial never took place
Hung jury
a jury that cannot agree on a verdict
an accusation of some criminal offence, in the nature of an indictment which is presented by a states attorney instead of a grand jury
Mitigating Circumstances
those which do not constitute a justification or excuse for an offense but which may be considered as reasons for reducing the penalties imposed
absense of ordinary care
formal written allegations by the parties of thier respective claims and of the court
Criminal offense of making false statement under oath
to act as one's own attorney in a civil or criminal manner
court and the attorneys will meet to define the issues, prepare for the trial, and discuss the possibility of a settlement
a disposition by an appellate court which sends a case back to the trial court for further proceedings
Statute of Limitations
law that specifies the time within which judicial action must be taken
voluntary agreement by the attorneys and parties on opposite sides of a case regarding any mater in the trial proceedings, so as to eliminate the need for the proof of the matter
the official record of proceedings in a trial, prepared by the court reporter
an individual who voluntarily engages with another in the commission or attempted commission of a crime
a provable account of an individual's whereabouts at the time of the commission of a crme which would make it impossible or impracticable to place him at the scene of the crime
one who aids or contributes to a crime as a subordinate
Class Action
a lawsuit brought by a representative member(s) of a large group of persons on behalf of all members of the group
Capital Offense
a criminal offencse punishable by death
Civil Rights
rights guaranteed to individuals by the government under the constitution and other certain Acts Of Congress
justice under the law that is influenced by fairness
an untrue statement published to damage a person's reputaion
act of telling lies to damage someone's reputation, also the crime of doing so
a court order to stop an action that is abusing someone's rights
a judicial decision that serves as an example for how to rule in similar cases in the future
Miranda Warning
a list of rights that police must read to suspects
a legal release from the punishment of the crime
damage, injury, or wrongful act caused to one person, other than breaking a contract, for which a civil lawsuit can be filed
a neighborhood, a neighboring place, synonymous with "place of trial". It refers to teh possible or proper plce or places for the trial of a suti as among several places where jurisdiction could be established