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ignorantia legis neminem excusat
ignorance of the law excuses no one
in absentia
in abscence
in extremis
among the last things; in extreme circumstances
in flagrante delicto
caught red-handed or in the burning crime of
in hoc signo vinces
in this sign you shall conquer; seen by Constantine
in loco parentis
in place of a parent; ie teacher
in media res
in the midst of things
in memoriam
in memory of
in re
on the matter of
in situ
in the original place; archealogical dig in situ
in toto
in all; all together; entirely
in utero
in the belly; refer to baby; baby have complications in utero
in vacuo
in a vacuum
in vino veritas
college slogan: there is truth in wine
in vitro
in glass; type of fertiliztion technique
ipso facto
by the fact itself; by the deed itself
lapsus calami
slip up of the pen; typo
lapsus pennae
slip up of the pen; typo
lapsus linguae
freudian slip; slip of the tongue; say what you are thinking about without meaning to say it
libra (lb)
weight; pound in english
locum tenens
a holding place; a temporary employee; a substitute
magna cum laude
with great praise
magnum oppus
great work; masterpiece
we entrust; legal documents
mea culpa
I am sorry; my fault
memento mori
be mindful of death; remember death
mens sana in corpore sano
sound mind in a sound body
mirabile dicto
amazing to say; Vergil used it to describe strange phenomena
modus operandi
the way of operating; mode of operating; repeated habit when commit crime
morituri te salutamus
we who are about to die salute you
ne plus ultra
no more beyond the pinnacle of the top
nemo est supra leges
no one is above the law
nihil per os
nothing by mouth; no medicine by mouth [tonsils out, broken jaw]
nol desperandum
mothing must be dispared of
nolo contendere
I do not want to contend; no contest; worse than a guilty plea
non compos mentis
insanity; not sound of the mind
non sequitur
bunch of things that don't make sense
nota bene
good note; note well
novus ordo seclorum
on the dollar; New order of the ages
o tempora! o mores!
Oh the times! Oh the traditions!
onus probandi
burden of proving something; prosecuter has to prove beyond reasonable doubt
opus citatum/ opere citato (op. cit.)
in footnotes and if use same one, write op. cit.
panem et circenses (seneca)
criticising the practices of the day; provide bread and entertainment to the poor
pater familias
head of the family; absolute control; grandfather; over all immediate family, grandkids, kids, and slaves
pax vobiscum
peace be with you; to say in church
i sinned; crime
you sinned or crime
per annum
through the year; per year (annually)
per capita
through the head; by the heads (almost like demographics)
per centum
percent; by the 100s
per diem
by day (daily)
per se
in iteself; directly
persona non grata
unpleasing person; person of ill repute
impact on one because they believe it should [placebo effect]
pons asinorum
bridge of asses; in isoscles triange; angle a = angle b and angle c = angle d
post hoc ergo proter hoc
after this; therefore on account of this
post murdem
after death
post scriptem
ps (after the letter)
prima faciae
at first appearance; obvious on the face
pro bono publico
for the public good; charity work; volunteer
pro se
for itself; on one's behalf; in one's own defense; sometimes a judge will allow someone without a lawyer
pro tempore (pro temp)
for the time being; president pro temp
quis custodi et ipsos custodes?
who will guard the guards themselves?
in the things; by the things; type of puzzle
recipe (rx)
take (capio); tell in the cpmmand to take dosage
res ipsa loquitur
the thing speaks for itself
resquiscat in pacque
rip- rest in peace
sanctum santorum
holy of the holies
sinatus populus quae Romanus (spqr)
government of rome
in series (not a single issue); serially
it was thus
sic transit gloria mundi
thus passes the glory of the world
sine diea
wihout a day (set for reconvening)
sine loco
without a place; no publication location specified
sine qua non
without; which not; essential or necessity
stare decisus
stand decided or decision stands
status quo ante
the state at which it was before (status quo)
let it stand
sub poena
under penalty; writ of mandate; appear under punishment
sub rosa
under rose; secretly
sui generis
of its own kind; unique
sui juris
in its own right; having full capacity
sumacum laude
with highest praise
tabula rasa
blank slate; john locke; environment
tempus fugit
time flies
terra firma
solid/firm land (after get off boat)
terra incognita
unknown land or territory
ultima thule
farthest point north
vade mecum
go with me; reference book
veni. vidi. vici.
i came. I saw. I conquered.
word for word
against; used in legal terms or games
vice versa
order having been changed; turnabout
namely (viz)
may he live; long live
viva voce
by the living voice; oral exam