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Alter frenis, alter eget calcaribus.
One person has need of reins, another of spurs.
Omnis est rex in domo sua
Each man is king in his own home.
Sto super vias antiquas
I stand upon the old ways.
Noli numerare pullos antequam nascuntur
Don't count the chicks before they are born.
Tangor, non frangor, ab undis.
I am touched but not broken by the waves.
Tempus est optimus iudex
Time is the best judge.
Repetitio mater memoriae
Repetition is the mother of memory.
Nihil annis velocius
Nothing is faster than the years.
Vivis piscibus aqua, mortuis vinum.
Water for the live fish, wine for the dead ones.
Te de aliis quam alios de te suavius est fieri doctos.
It is a sweeter thing for you to become wise from others' mistakes than for others to become wise from your mistakes.
Si rota defuerit, tu pede carpe viam.
If your wheel's broken, you better make your way on foot.
Trium litterarum homo: fur.
A man of five letters: thief.
Nullum magnum ingenium sine mixtura dementiae
There is no great talent without an admixture of madness
Stercus optimum vestigium domini
The master's footstep is the best fertilizer.
Sol oculus mundi.
The sun is the eye of the world.
Non curat numerum lupus.
The wolf doesn't worry about the number.
Plus a medico quam a morbo periculi.
More danger from the doctor than from the disease.
Quo altior mons, tanto profundior vallis
The higher the mountain, the lower the valley.
Pelle sub agnina latitat mens saepe lupina.
Beneath the lamb's skin often lurks a wolf's mind.
Non scholae sed vitae discimus.
We learn, not for school, but for life.
Non faciunt meliorem equum aurei freni.
Golden reins do not make a better horse.
Aqua et panis est vita canis.
A dog's life is water and bread.
Auribus oculi fideliores sunt
The eyes are more trustworthy than the ears.
Auro vitam venditat.
He's putting his life up for sale in exchange for gold.
Caesar non supra grammaticos.
Caesar is not superior to the grammarians.
Cani indicium sunt temporis, non sapientiae.
White hair is a sign of time, not of wisdom.
Cicada vocalior
More talkative than a cricket.
Cito maturum, cito putridum
Quickly ripe, quickly rotten.
Corruptissima respublica, plurimae leges
The most corrupt state, the most laws
Cupido atque ira consultores pessimi.
Desire and Anger are the worst advisors.
Ditior Croeso.
Richer than Croesus.
Dum vitant stulti vitia, in contraria currunt.
When fools try to avoid errors, they run into the opposite errors.
E verbis fatuos, ex aure tenemus asellum.
We hold a donkey by the ear; we hold fools by their words
Elephantus culicem non curat
An elephant doesn't notice a gnat.
Eloquentia sagitta.
Eloquence is an arrow.
Errores medicorum terra tegit
The earth covers the doctors' mistakes.
Est avis in dextra melior quam quattuor extra
A bird in the right hand is better than four outside.
Fabula, sed vera.
A story, but a true one.
Gloria cuique sua est.
To each his own glory.
Homines sunt eiusdem farinae
People are (made) from the same flour.
In tenebris salto.
I take a leap in the shadows.
Innocentia ubique tuta
Innocence is safe everywhere.
Intacta invidia media sunt.
Middle things are untouched by envy.
Longa est vita si plena est.
Life is long, if it is full.
Lupi apud oves custodes
The wolves are watching over the sheep.
Manus operarii corporis, digiti chordarum plectra.
The hands are the body's workers, the fingers are pluckers of strings.
Mutare non potest pardus varietates suas
A leopard cannot change his spots
Ne capra contra leonem
A goat should not (confront) a lion.
Nec caput nec pedes habet
It hasn't got a head or feet.
Nemo nisi sapiens liber est.
No one, unless he is wise, is free.
Morborum medicus omnium mors ultimus.
The last doctor of every disease is death.
O quantum est in rebus inane!
Oh how much trivial stuff there is in the world!
Fortuna imperatrix mundi.
Fortune is the empress of the world.
Regum fortuna casus praecipites rotat.
Fortune spins the headlong downfalls of the kings.
Dicunt enim et non faciunt
For they speak, and do not do it.
Numquam est fidelis cum potente societas
An alliance with someone powerful is never reliable
Nemo nisi sapiens liber est.
No one, unless he is wise, is free.
Dat veniam corvis, vexat censura columbas.
The censor forgives the crows and harasses the doves.
Ubi dolor, ibi digitus.
Where there is pain, there the finger
Multum, non multa.
Much, not many.
Dat verba in ventos.
He's pouring words out on the winds.
Si satis est, multum est.
If it is enough, it is a great deal.
Sub pallio sordido sapientia
Beneath a filthy cloak, wisdom.
Optimus magister bonus liber
The best teacher is a good book.
Stulti est compedes, licet aureas, amare.
It is for a fool to love fetters, even though they be golden.
Plures necat gula quam gladius.
The gullet kills more than the sword.
Sto in extrema tegula.
I'm standing on the last roof tile
Ut flatus venti, sic transit gloria mundi.
Like a puff of wind, so passes the glory of the world.
Celerius quam asparagi coquuntur.
Faster than asparagus is cooked.
Ex pede Herculem.
You know Hercules by his foot.
Manus digiti coaequales non sunt, omnes tamen usui.
The fingers of the hand are not equal, but all are useful.
Procul a Iove, procul a fulmine.
Far from Jupiter, far from his thunderbolt.
Lupus hiat.
The wolf is gaping.
Musica laetitiae comes, medicina dolorum.
Music is a companion to joy and a medicine for pains.
Cicada cicadae cara, formicae formica.
Cricket is dear to cricket, ant to ant.
Pisces natare doces.
You're teaching fish how to swim.
Philosophia vitae magistra.
Philosophy is the teacher of life.
Cum vino intrat, exit sapientia.
When wine enters, wisdom exits.
Asinus asinum fricat.
One donkey scratches another donkey.
Fortuna amicos parat, inopia amicos probat.
Prosperity obtains friends, poverty puts them to the test.
Improbe Neptunum accusat qui iterum naufragium facit.
The man who shipwrecks a second time unjustly accuses Neptune.
Omnia sapientibus facilia.
All things are easy for the wise
Facile omnes cum valemus recta consilia aegrotis damus.
We all find it easy to give the right advice to the sick when we are well.
In medio stat veritas.
The truth stands in the middle.
Durum ad nutum alterius ambulare
It is a hard thing to walk according to someone else's nod.
Nec habeo, nec careo, nec curo.
I have not, I lack not, I care not.
In praetoriis leones, in castris lepores.
In the palace, lions; in the camp, rabbits.
Publica fama non semper vana.
Common gossip is not always groundless.
E verbis fatuos, ex aure tenemus asellum.
We hold a donkey by the ear; we hold fools by their words.
In vestimentis non est sapientia mentis
Wisdom of mind is not in the clothing
Haec manus inimica tyrannis.
This hand is hostile to tyrants.
Animum debes mutare, non caelum.
You should change your state of mind, not the sky.
Cani indicium sunt temporis, non sapientiae.
White hair is a sign of time, not of wisdom.
Omne solum forti patria est ut piscibus aequor.
Every land is a homeland for the courageous man, as water is a homeland for the fish.
Anulus aureus in naribus suis.
A gold ring in a pig's nose.
Ars varia vulpi, ars una echino maxima.
The fox has various tricks, the hedgehog has one trick, a great one.
Aliis lingua, aliis dentes
Some people have got tongues, other people have got teeth.
Absque sanitate nemo felix.
Without good health, no one is happy.
Otium sine litteris mors est et hominis vivi sepultura.
Leisure without literature is death and burial for a living man.
Procul ex oculis, procul ex mente.
Far away from the eyes, far away from the mind.
Alius est amor, alius cupido
Love is one thing, desire another.
Mea mecum porto
I carry my things with me.
Cani indicium sunt temporis, non sapientiae
White hair is a sign of time, not of wisdom.
Fratrum inter se irae sunt acerbissimae
Brothers hold their fiercest anger for one another.
Sol oculus mundi
The sun is the eye of the world.
Alis luporum catulos
You are raising wolf cubs.
Necessitas artis magistra
Necessity is the teacher of skill.