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pro rata
in proportion
pro tempore
for the time being
quantum sufficit
quantum vis
as much as you wish
as if; as it were, in a certain sense
a bore or busy body
quid pro quo
something for something (tit for tat)
quod erat demonstarandum
which was to be demonstrated
quod vide
which see
quo iure
by what right
quo modo
in what manner
rara avis
a rare bird; an extrodinary
reduction ad absurdum
reducing to the absurd
requiescat in pace
may he rest in peace
res integra
an entire matter
sanctum sanctorum
holy of holies (used of a very private place)
sapere aude
dare to be wise
satis verborum
no more need to be said
semper fidelis
always faithful (US marines)
semper idem
always the same
semper paratus
always prepared (US Coast Guard)
Senatus Populusque Romanus
the Senate and the Roman People
in series
sero venientibus ossa
first come, first serve
sic transit gloria mundi
thus passes away the glory of the world
sine die
without appointing a day for a meeting
sine dubio
without doubt
sine quo non
something indispensable; a necessity
status quo
the existing state
status quo ante
the condition in which (matters were) before
let it remain (printing term)
sub rosa
under the rose; secretly privately
sui iuris
legally competent to handle one's own legal affairs
sui generis
in a class by itself; of its own kind; unique
summa cum laude
with highest praise
summum bonum
the highest good
suo loco
in tis proper place
Sursum corda
(lift) up your hearts
tabula rasa
a smoothed table; a blank page
Te Deum laudamus
We praise thee, o god
tempora mutantur
times are changed
tempus fugit
time flies
terra firma
solid ground
terra incognita
unknown land; unfamiliar territory
ultima Thule
furthest Thule; used of any very distant place
final proposal in diplomatic negotiation
ultra vires
beyond one's power
una voce
uno animo
ut dictum
as directed
ut infra
as below
vade mecum
something carried by the person at all times; constant companion
word for word
verbum sat sapienti
a word to the wise is sufficient
by way of
vice versa
the other way around; conversely
vigilantia pretium libertatis
vigilance is the price of liberty
may he live; long live...
vivat res publica
long live teh republic
viva voce
by word of mouth; orally
vox populi, vox Dei
the voice of the people is the voice of God