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De minimis non curat lex

The law is not concerned with trivial matters

Pro Bono Publico

For the good or welfare of the people

Res ipsa loquitur

The occurrence was caused by the negligence of the defendant


To wit or permitted to know


Plural of dictum. Opinions of the court which are not necessary to support the decision

Sui juris

One who is capable of managing one's own affairs. In full capacity to exercise one's own rights.

Vice versa

A reversed position of the parties

Fait accompli

An act that has already been completed. The accomplished fact

Lex loci contractus

The law of the place where a contract is made

Lex loci delictis

The law of the place where the crime was committed

Lex loci rei sitae

The law of the place where the subject matter is located

Lex loci sitae rei

The law of the place where the land is situated

Coram nobis

In our presence or before us

Coram vobis

In your presence or before you

Ex contractu

Originating from the contract

Falsus in uno

Faithless in one thing is faithless in all


Relating to or having the characteristics or attributes.

Seeming to be the same as, but not actually analogous to


A contract implied in law to prevent unfair gain at the expense of another.


Possessing partial judicial power and control. Agencies include boards, commissions, and investigatory panels

Quasi-public corporation

A public service corporation. Gas and electric companies

Animus revertendi

With the intention of returning.

When granting release on recognizance, animus revertendi is an important factor

Animus revocandi

With the intention to revoke

Animus testandi

The intention to make a will

Animus signandi

Having the intention of signing a document


An order or command

Respondeat superior

Let the principal be responsible for the acts of the agent


Above or above mentioned

Inter alia

Among other things

Inter alios

Among other persons

Duces tecum

To bring with you. To come to court and produce specific documents

In extremis

To be at the point of death

In forma pauperis

In the status of a poor person.

Liability for legal cost is negated

Ipse dixit

Labels a statement as valid based upon the reputation and merit of the speaker

In initio litis

The first stages of a lawsuit

Sine die

Without any definite time set for further consideration.

Finally or without day

Venire facias

A writ for summoning jurors

Causa mortis

Reason of impending death

Res inter alios acta

Irrelevant and inadmissible as evidence in a court of law

Sua sponte

Upon one's own responsibility or upon one's own motion

Acting alone

Sub rosa

Under the rose

Secretly, confidentially, privately

Coup de grace

The final blow or death's blow