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Who was Pachacuti?
Ruler of the Incas
Who was Topa Inca?
Pachacuti's son who expanded the empire
What did the Incan nobles wear to represent their ranks?
headbands and earrings
What was Cuzco?
The Incan capital.
Name some of the Incan accomplishments
Roads for runners
Canals an aqueducts for water
What gods did the Incans worship?
Inti (The sun god) & Viracocha (Creater of all the people of the Andes)
What does the name Pachacuti mean?
He who shakes the earth
What kind of jobs were the Incas excellent at?
Farmers, builers and managers
What did the Incans refers to themselves as?
The "Children of the sun"
How did Incas spread news from one place to another?
What is the name of the Incan language?
When did the Incas settle in Cuzco?
about 1200
Why did the Incas not have to use cement for walls?
Their stones were so well shaped they didn't need cement.
When did the Spanish conquer the Incas?
in the 1500s
pipe or channel designed to carry water from a distant source
What did nobles collect as taxes?
knotted string used by Incan government officials and traders for record keeping