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Gouty SS

Acute attack


What is the sign and symtpoms of osteromylitoits

tenderness , erthymia , warmth and acute pain

fitsula may appear

systemic sing of infection






what are the nursing management for osteroymylietitus


-explain surgery

-explore concern and source of anexity

-discuss the outcome -wound , irrigation tube , bed rest and hosptial treatment

Post op

Monitor vital sign q4h

monitor wound condition , complication

Prevent infection and compilcation

-clean hand

-aspectic technqiue in wound dressing

-ensure adaquete circulation

-wound irrigation and dressing

-watch for sign of further infection with pain and temp

Promote comfort

-pain relief


-advise for and provide fluid and high cal

BLeeding precaution

avoid sharp object or anything hard objects that increases risk of injury -> plain razor and hard brittle tooth brush

avoid invasive procedure

educate on compplication

educate on mangmanenet -> apply pressure onto wound site

avoid consitpation

avoid forceful coughing

Monitor for signs for bleeding

-occult blood


Care of oral mucosa membrane

-saline flush

-cool drink


patient education

-bleeding managment


-excerbation \

-follow up for bllod count

transfusion as need -> watch for allergic /overload

Managment of transfusion reaction

withhold immeidately

change Blood giving set

return blood and notify blood bank

monitor every 15 mins

notify doctor


keep iv open with ns