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programming a market studies are usually performed during what phrases of project design process

Pre Design Services

an accurate estimate of construction cost is best based on

Plans specifications and codes

A bid allowance is used to assign a dollar amount to

Work that is not been specifically detailed

Landscape architect should be found negligent if which of the following occurs

they fail to meet standards of reasonable care, injury damage results from breach of duty, or they practice outside of their typical area of expertise

To maximize the option for daily living for older people design must respond to which of the following factors

Changes in sensory processes and perception, Decline and nervous system and cognitive function, Health associations with aging processes, and environmental variables

Characteristics of a letter agreement

Written by landscape architect, allows proposals to be tailored to the project, and generally produces from a master form

which insurance protects the landscape architectural office if an employee's and improperly designs and asphalt pavement system that fails but did not cause injury

Professional liability

Property lines, wooded areas, surface, water, and manholes are showing on

Topographical map

post-project for post-occupancy evaluation should

be used as a learning tool for future projects

Conducting a focus group accomplishes

Helps confirm or deny establish goals, it supplements other forms of public involvement, it allows people to speak without fear of criticism, and elicits expert opinions

Prior to insurance documents the contractor what should be in place

Reviewed by all permitting agency

A landscape architect has been out of town and it is reasonable to see a set of documents the landscape architect as a colleague and a former business partner to attend to this responsibility but quickly review the work and applying the seal if this colleague carries out this request the colleague will be

In breach of the rules of professional conduct

During construction the landscape architect is responsible to

Respond to questions from the general contractor, review shop drawings and other submittals, and authorize minor changes in the work

Request for product substitution not considered typical for contract submittals

Shop drawings product data samples, construction schedules, certificates of test, inspection, or approvals are considered typical contracts submittals

shop drawings are prepared by

The contractor

Shop drawings are used to explain items identified in contract documents and are prepared by

Contractor, suppliers, and fabricators

The main responsibilities of the project administration phase includes

Project Administration, securing permit applications, project closeout

Project closeout typically include the following activities

Final testing of systems, development of a punch list, release of liens

Who is responsible for checking the accuracy of shop drawings even if they don't prepare them

Landscape Architects

Retainage is released to the contractor after

Final acceptance

Post occupancy evaluations may be included as part of the following

Post Construction Services, as built plans, and client satisfaction

Inflation cost estimate

breach of ethics

Land use intensity controlled by

Lot coverage limits

... Typically required to be in Consulting Professional Services agreement

Time limits to perform services Kama jurisdiction for dispute resolutions, basic Services scope

What federal agency employees is the largest number of Staff Landscape Architects

Department of interior

A registered landscape architect has reason to believe another registered landscape architect has violated professional code of ethics what should they do

Report the information to the appropriate committee and seek legal counsel


Multi-day problem-oriented process

To negotiate and prepare client slash landscape architect pre-contract agreement, a landscape architect should a

Elicit the clients and tension and needs, identify relevant laws rules and regulations, coordinate and conduct field investigations, repair site inventories, formulate project guidelines

In the case of an unregistered landscape architect design injuring a passerby who is responsible

Unregistered landscape architect

Test and cost elements that should be the bias recording a few to client within multi phase construction

Feasibility studies, design and construction documents, and estimates for post Construction Services for the reason that the entire plan should be looked at and considered

After contract has been signed, the work order, contract time limits, or contract amount maybe be changed through the following

Construction change directive,AIA a form G 714

Architects supplemental instructions, AIA form G710

A construction administrator coordinator is responsible for

A daily log of request for information, architect supplemental instructions, payment request, shop drawings, and change orders

a contractor may be required to release financial statements to the City, Banks or real estate agent

for reasons of liens


Soil scientist

General liability insurance can cover

Third-party injuries on a construction job site

If a contract is breached

The voided contract is no longer legally binding

Requirements for a site soil test would be found in

Contractor performance section of technical specifications

Best management practices for temporary soil erosion and sediment control are based on

Site-specific conditions, construction activities, and cost

What should a landscape architect do when notified an accident has occurred at a project construction site

Verify the accents location site conditions using the Independent party, notify the liability insurance company, notify the contractor, and notify the project property owner

Retainage when applied to the contracts amount, be used by the property owner to

Hold funds for project or task completion

Does the retainage affect the contract value


Tort liability trespass

Can refer to anything that is trespass including water that damages

Post occupancy evaluations are used to

Collect data by interviewing site users

State's right to keep Sovereign land such as Oceanfront beaches or Lakefront shorelines is known as what

Public trust Doctrine

When determining who should pay for corrective action review the

Technical specifications

During construction the landscape architect will prepare

Site plans, layout plans, grading and drainage plans, coordinate consultant drawings, organized drainage system details and more

Material testing firms will perform

Earthwork densities, conducting sieve analysis to measure particle size and granular soil or rock material, and perform slump or break test to check concrete strength

Designer can be found liable if a parking system lights or lighting levels were found to be

Too high, too low, or not in compliance with illumination engineering Society standards

To perform landscape architectural services in the state you must

Be registered landscape architect and be licensed as a landscape architect

A contractor cannot proceed with construction until

a notice to proceed has been received

A bid bond is what percent of the bed


The arbitration process is

Not open to the public

Fiduciary responsibility

Legal power to bind the owner or other into a contract

agent relationship

Control over conduct and performance of people. Some its recommendations to client

Master-servant relationship

Must act in good faith and be obedient to the person. Personal interests are secondary.

Employer- independent contractor relationship

Has limited control over the overall conduct and performance of the people. Involves people with special skills

Scope of services

Describes your solution to the client

Payroll costs (DPE)

Includes employees benefits , represents the single largest cost and any billing

Direct project expenses

References to various items that can be charged the client, include such items such as some Consulting fees and travel costs, typically the second largest cost item and doesn't affect the cost of running a business

General overhead

Includes rent, promotions and office operation cost. The best way to reduce is to decreased non-chargeable time

Serious pitfalls facing professional to open new firms

Lack of adequate Financial reserves, a poorly business plan, lack of experience in areas of marketing regulations and contracts

Certificate of substantial completion is completed by

The contractor and landscape architect