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An enclosing device around an elevated platform that is intended to prevent both inadvertent and deliberate attempts to pass through the device.

Composite Structure

Two or more play structures attached or functionally linked, to create one integral unit that provides more than one play activity.

Critical Height

The fall height below which a life-threat- ening head injury would not be expected to occur.

Designated Play Surface

Any elevated surface for stand- ing, walking, crawling, sitting or climbing, or a flat surface greater than 2 inches wide by 2 inches long having an angle less than 30° from horizontal.


Anything that extends extends outward from a surface of the playground equipment and must be tested to determine whether it is a protrusion or entanglement hazard, or both.


Material(s) used in a protective barrier or between decks to prevent a user from passing through the barrier (e.g., vertical bars, lattice, solid panel, etc.).


A projection which, when tested, is found to be a hazard having the potential to cause bodily injury to a user who impacts it.

Slide Chute

The inclined sliding surface of a slide.

Use Zone

The surface under and around a piece of equipment onto which a child falling from or exiting from the equipment would be expected to land. These areas are also designated for unrestricted circulation around the equipment.