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As the construction administrator, what are the responsibilities of the Landscape Architect?

-have the owners best interests in mind.

-check the quality of work and make sure it meets code and the specifications of the contract.

-resolving any problems that arise in as quickly a manner as possible

components of contract supervision include
selection of contractors

award of contract

acceptance of work completed

components of design development include:
schematic designs

feasibility studies

preliminary estimates

components of design implementation include:
* the creation of working drawings

* final estimates

* contract specifications
components of programming and analysis include:
site selectionsite inventory and analysis
Does CLARB work with A.S.L.A. in developing the L.A.R.E?
if a contractor provides unsatisfactory work, how long may the owner withhold payments?
until the situation is rectified
if contacting the employer about unsafe working conditions fails, who should be notified?
O.S.H.A. who will then bring in an inspector to assess the situation
List the reasons a contract may be terminated
* Breach of contract.

* fraud.

* nonpayment of professional fees.

* hazardous site conditions.

* failure to pay subcontractors.

* a contractor goes bankrupt.

* the contractor violates ordinances intentionally.
over the course of a project's design and installation, a landscape architect is responsible for:
-keeping a record of the designs

-analyze environmental conditions

-plan the design

-observe construction progress