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What are the colors on a military map?
What do they represent?
Black-Cultural man made features
Red-Populated areas, roads
Blue- Hydrography
Brown-All releif and elevation features
Red/Brown-All cultural features on a red light readable map
Where is the legend found on a map?
Lower left corner
What are the 3 types of contour lines?
What are countour lines?
Imaginary lines drawn on a map to designate releif and elevation changes
What is a map?
A graphic representation of a portion of the Earths surface drawn to scale
How many norths are there? What are they?
Magnetic North
True North
Grid North
What are the 5 Major terrain features on a map?
What are the 3 minor terrain features?
What are the 2 supplementary terrain features?
What is an azimuth?
A horizontal angle measured clockwise from a baseline north
Which north is used when using a military map?
Grid North for a map
Magnetic North with a compass
Name 2 ways to hold a compass?
Compass to cheek
What is a back Azimuth? How do you calculate it?
A Back Azimuth is the opposite of an Azimtuh. Less than 180 degress add 180, more than 180 degrees subtract 180.
What is a declination diagram?
A tool on a map that shows the relationship between the three norths (true,grid,magnetic)
What are two ways to orient a map?
Compass, terrain association
What is an intersection?
Plotting an unknown point by successfully occupying at least 2 points and shooting an intersecting Azimuth
What is resection?
Plotting your point by obtaining a back Azimuth from at least two known points
What are three sizes of military maps?
Small-1:1,000,000 General and Strategic
Medium-1:1,000,000 to 1:75,000 Operational
Large- Larger than 1:75,000, Tactical, adminstrative
How many scales are on a compass?
Degrees (red) and Mils (black)
Name 3 field expedient methods for determining direction?
Watch, Shadow Tip, North Star
What are the 4 types of slopes on a map?
What is a polar coordinate?
A direction and distance to a particular point
How close will a 8 digit code get you to a point?
10 meters
How close will a six digit coordinate get to a point
100 meters
What would you use on a map to measure distance?
The Bar Scale
What are the 2 methods of measuring an azimuth?
Compass and a protractor
What would you use on a map to measure distance?
The bar scale
What is a benchmark?
A man-made marker showing elevation
What are parallels of latitude
Measured distances going north-south of the equator
What does UTM stand for?
Universal Transverse Mercator
What is the distance between grid lines on a combat map?
One klick, 1 kilometer,
1000 meters
What are the shape of countour lines indicating a cliff?
Contour lines very close together or touching each other
What do the contour lines look like on a spur?
Contour lines on a spur look like a U or V pointing away from high ground
What shape are contour lines for a draw?
Draws look like a U or V pointing towards high ground
What shape are the contour lines indicating a depression?
Closed contour lines with tick marks pointing towards low ground
What shape do contour lines form to represent a Ridge?
They are U or V shaped with the closed end pointing away from high ground
What shape do contour lines form when representing a valley?
Usually U or V shaped
What shape are contour lines representing a saddle?
Normally as an hourglass
What shape are contour lines representing a hill?
Closed concentric circles
What is a contour interval? Where is it found?
The distance between contour lines, in the marginal information
What is the general rule for reading a military map?
Right and Up