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1. can live without much rain
2. small animals and herds of larger animals live there
3. play a major role in world agriculture
1. a rolling plain
2. low temperatures and long winters in the tundra prevent trees from growing
3. a region of dramatic seasonal changes
4. Permafrost- a layer od permanently frozen soil just below the surface
4. many animals migrate there into the tundra for the winter
5. Sun is rare in winter, and shines all the time in the summeer.
Deciduous forest
1. moderate temperatures and rainfall
2. has changes of seasons
3. several layers of plants
4. variety of animals
1. evergreen trees
2. has only 2 layers
3. insects, mammals, and birds live there, but change from season to season
1. most deserts hot in summer, but freezing at night in winter
2. desert plants have adaptations that help them conserve water
3. desert animals are adapted to dry climate
Tropical Rainforest
1. found near the equator
2. strong sunlight, warm, wet climate
3. 3 layers: tall trees, canopy, floor
4. diverse plant and animal life
a large-scale ecosystem
Six major types of biomes
tropical rain forest, deciduous forest, grassland, desert, taiga, tundra
Climate zone
a region in which yearly patterns of temperature, rainfall, and the amount of sunlight are similar throughout