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which gram stain grows on EMB?
Gram -
what is the organism in sour milk, buttermilk, and sourcream?
Streptococcus lactis
What are the organisms in Kefir, and yogurt?
Lactobacillus Bul, and Streptococcus Thermophilus
what is the three organisms in yogurt?
Lacto Acidophilus, Lacto Bulgaricus, and Strep Thermo
yogurt, BULGERT.
what is Lamisil used for?
Tinea Pedis (ringworm of the nail...
What is the organism in nail ringworm?
Trychophyton rubrum
what is the active ingredient in lamisil?
Terbinafine HCl
What does Pneumocystis carinii look like?
crushed ping pong balls...the lung solid in a liver...in AIDs patients, PCP
what are the colors of the threemold slide?
which kind of mold grows on bread?
what kind of technique do you use for identifying Molds?...and which kind of dye do you use?
Agar block technique...and you use LPCB
what are the capsulated organisms?
Klebb, Crypto, EA, Strepto P, and P florescens
what is the capsule of Streptococcus mutans made out of?
polysaccharide capsule
what is important about the polysaccharide capsule around strepto Mutans?
it prevents ingestion of pneumococci by alveolar macrophages
what is the blue/green pigment from PA called?
What are three antibiotics tyhar are affective against PA?
flouroquinolones, gentamicin, and imipenem
what is the oxidase reaction of PA?
Oxidase +
What kind of animal's blood is in Media?
What kind of organisms grow on enriched media (blood, cocoa)
niccerias, strepps, and haemophillus)
what does a medium need to support streptococcus pn
sheep blood, yeast ex, glucose, Mg, and the buffer
what org grows on Lowenstein-Jensen medium?
Mycobacterium Tuberculosis..and it grows UBER SLOW!! (Tuber...uber..get it?)
what is the source of glucose in M-9 media?
What is the source of Ammonium phosphate in a tub of M-9?
if there is green around a body organism growing on a Blood Agar, what does that mean...
α hemolysis (partial)
if there is clearing around a colony growing on a Blood Agar, what does that mean?
β (complete hemolysis)
what happens when an organism is catalase positive?
it gives off bubbles
Waht does a catalast test do?
differentiates between gram + cocci
All _____ and _____ are Catalase -
Enterococci, and Streps
All _____ and _____ are Catalase +
Staphs, and Micrococcus
what is the only Gram - organism that tests POSITIVE in an OXIDASE test??
what are two organisms that are oxidase -
EC, and KP
what is the smell that comes from swiss cheese?
propionic acid from propionic fermentation...holes made from the bacteria Propionibacteria Shermanii
What is the smell that comes from Sour Cream fermentation?
lactic acid fermentation...
called HOMOLACTIC fermentation...
what organisms is used/produced in Swiss cheese fermentation?
Streptococcus lactis
What are the two yeasts used in Sour Dough fermentation?
Lactobacillus sanfransisco, -heterolactic fermentation
what does clearing indicate on an agar plate?
starch hydrolysis zone from enzyme amylase taht BS has
what does the skim milk plate differentiate between?
BS and EC....

BS- with caseinase to break dwn casein
EC-no break down
on a Nutrient Gelatin, which three organisms are positive for AA breakdown (solidifies)
SM, PV, and PM
what are hte two organisms taht are Indole positive? (cherry red ring)
EC, and PV
What is the temperature, and time for the Hot Air Oven?
150C-180C for 2-4 hours
what materials are used in teh hot air oven?
powder, metal, oil, and heat resistant glass
What is the temp and pressure for hte autoclave?
15psi, and 121C for 15-30 minutes...used for ALL MEDIA, except M-Ent
what does ETO stand for?
Ethylene Oxide
what is sterilization used for?
Gassyringes, plastics, Petri dishes
what is the size of the millipore we saw in class?
0.45µm filters
What are the temperatures and times for LTH, and HTST?
LTH- 63C for 30 mins

HTST- 72C for 15 seconds
what is the current organism used to test if pasteurization is working properly?
Coxiella burnetti
what kind of milk lasts FOREVER????
UHT milk
used now in formaldehyde, acid indicator, and in Lysol,
denatures proteins and ruins nucleic acid,
softsoap A
Triclosan-phenol cell wall and protein
Dial liquid soap A
Triclosan-phenol cell wall and protein
Hibiclens A
Chlorhexidine gluconate (Chlorine and phenol) cell wall and protein
prescription oral rinse A
Chlorhexidine gluconate (Chlorine and phenol) cell wall and protein
Listerine A
Alcohol (26.9%) cell wall
Isopropyl rubbing alcohol A/D
Alcohol (70%) cell wall
Scope A
Alcohol (16.6%) cell wall
H2O2 A
3% H2O2 protein and DNA (works well)
Bactine A
Benzalkonium Chloride (.13%) alters membrane permeability
Bleach D
Chlorine denatures protein
Baxter-exidine 4 A
Chlorhexidine gluconate (Chlorine and phenol) cell wall and protein
Vesphene II D
Phenol cell wall and protein
Lysol all purpose cleaner D
Chlorine and phenol cell wall and protein
Beta dine A
iodine (10%) denatures protein
Lever 2000 A
Triclosan- phenol cell wall and protein
Mercuro-chrome A
Hg-mercury inactivate proteins and metabolic standstill
tincture iodine A
alcohol and iodine cell wall and protein
how many colonies does a countable plate have?
what are the two antimicrobials on this product?
Bacitracin zinc, and POlymyxin B sulfate
What is the treatment for oral herpes (HSV 1)?