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Cedar-Apple/Hawthorne Rust Aecia on bottom of leaf

Cedar-Apple Rust

Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae

Cedar-Hawthorne Rust

Gymnosporangium globosum

Cedar-Apple/Hawthorne Rust Telial horns on galls of juniper

Teliospores of Gymnosporangium

Pycnia on top surface of of apple and hawthorne leaves

Melampsora Medusa uredinia sori on leaf

Melampsora Medusa telia on bottom of leaf

Melampsora Medusa uredinia on bottom of leaf

Melampsora Medusa telia on leaf

Red Pine Needle Rust

Coleosporium Asterum

Red Pine Needle Rust aecia

Red Pine Needle Rust uredinia and telia on golden rod

Juniper broom rust witches' broom

Juniper Broom Rust

Gymnosporangium nidus-avis

Juniper Broom Rust telia on branches

Juniper Broom Rust telia on top surface of Amelanchier leaves

Juniper Broom Rust aecia on bottom of Amelanchier leaves

Fir Broom Rust


Melampsorella witches' broom on fir

Fir broom rust pycnia and aecia on needles of fir from broom

Pseudosclerotial plates (zone lines) in white rot wood

Brown rot

clamp connections on hypha

basidiospores produced on basidia

white rot

Polyporaceae-fungi with pores

Hydnaceae-fungi with tooth-like projections

Thelephoraceae-fungi with a smooth sporulating surface

Agaricaceae-fungi with gills

Magnification of hydnaceae

pore layer on a Fomes basidiocarp

Daedalea-stretched or maze-like pores

Lenzites-gill like structures produced on bracket fungi

Polyporus-annual with pores

Poria-Flat basidiocarps with pores

fomes-perrenial with pores

Root system with Armillaria root rot

Rhizomorphs produced by Armillaria

Culture of Armillaria showing rhizomorphs

Armillaria ostoyae fruiting bodies

Mycelial fans of Armillaria under bark

Annosus Root Rot

Heterobasidion irregulare

Annosus Root Rot basidiocarp

Annosus Root Rot asexual spores, Spiniger

Laminated Root Rot

Phellinus weirii

Phellinus weirii brown setae

Delamination of wood infected with Phellinus weirii

Douglas fir infected with Phellinus root rot

Basidiocarp of phellinus weirii

Stand Opening Disease of Spruce

Onnia tomemtosa

Decay in stump infected with Onnia tomemtosa

Onnia tomemtosa fruiting body

Brown rot and butt rot of conifers

Phaeolus schweinitzii

Phaeolus schweinitzii basidiocarp

Blue Stain in pine

Blue Stain synnemata

Blue Stain perithecia

Chlorociboria green stain in aspen

Iron tannic stain in oak

Red stain in box elder

White pocket rot

soft rot

brown rot

Serpula lacrymans white rhizomorphs
Meruliporia incrassata White rhizomorphs and fruiting body

Fruiting body of Serpula lacrymans

Undersurface of Gloeophyllum trabeum basidiocarp

Fire blight canker on crab apple

fire blight

crown gall on root

cross section of crown gall showing hyperplasia and hypertrophy

large gall caused by crown gall

brown region caused by wetwood

pine wood nematode Bursaphelenchus xylophilus

vector of pine wood nematode, long horned beetle

oviposition nitches made by long horned beetles

beetle maturation feeding

Witches broom on black spruce caused by Arceuthobium pusillum

Male shoots of Arceuthobium pusillum

Cortical strands and sinkers of dwarf mistletoe in cross section of conifer branch
Seeds on Arceuthobium pusillum
Basal cups of Arceuthobium pusillum
Female shoots of Arceuthobium pusillum
Dwarf mistletoe, Arceuthobium americanum

dwarf mistletoe