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Absorption Spectrum of Chlorophyll
Allium Anaphase
allium interphase
Allium Metaphase
Allium Prophase
Allium Telophase
Allium prophase with chromosomes
Allium Root Mitosis
allium telophase with cell plate
Ascaris four cell stage
Ascaris Meiosis in Egg
Ascaris pronuclei and polar bodies
Ascaris sperm
Ascaris Uterus
Blood Typing Example
Budding Yeast Slide
Catalase in Aerobic Cellular Respiration
Catalase in Aerobic Cellular Respiration 2
Chlorophyll Fluorescence
Chromosomes in Mitosis
CO2 Release During Cellular Respiration
Complete Allium Cell Cycle
Complete Whitefish Cell Cycle
Crossing Over1
Daughter Cells
Early Anaphase
Early Prophase
Effect of Substrate Type on CO2 Production
Fermentation in Yeast
Fertilized Ascaris Eggs
Fetus with Umbilical Cord
Gastrula Parts
Grasshopper Testis with Tetrads (Prophase I)
human sperm 400x 2
Late Prophase
Leaf Anatomy Labelled
Leaf Cross Section
Leaf model CS
Leaf Anatomy Model Key
Measuring the Absorption Spectrum of a Chlorophyll Extract
Mitosis and Meiosis Comparision
Mitosis Overview
Oviduct and Ovary
Paper Chromatography in Action
Paper Chromatography1
Paper Chromatography with Spinach
Paternity Testing with Blood, Example 2
Paternity Testing with Blood
Pattern Baldness and an example of inherited trait
Placenta in Uterus
Polar Bodies in Ascaris
Pronuclei in Ascaris
PTC Paper for Taster Trait
Punnett Square Example 1
Punnett Square Example 2
Punnett Square Example 3
Red Hair and example of inheritable trait
Sickle Cell
Sperm Parts
Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis
Starfish Development
Stomata Cross Section
Stomata with Guard Cells Fingernail Polish Slide
Two Cell Stage in Ascaris
Unstained Yeast Wet Mount
Uterus and Ovaries
Vascular bundle in a dicot
Vascular Bundle in a Leaf
visible spectrum
Whitefish Anaphase
Whitefish Interphase
Whitefish Metaphase
Whitefish Prophase
Whitefish Telophase
Yeast in Methylene Blue
Palisade mesophyll
Upper epidermis
Spongy mesophyll
bromothymol blue turns what color in the presence of an acid
bromothymol blue turns what color in the presence of a base
bromothymol blue turns what color when neutral
chemical used as an indicator of pH
bromothymol blue
yeast can perform both...
aerobic respiration and fermentation
formula from cellular respiration
c6 h12 o6 + o2 --- 36atp + co2 + h2o + heat
what color did the yeast turn when performing the bromothymol blue test
those that were doing cellular respiration turned white, while those who were not were blue
parts of aerobic cell respiration
1. glycolysis
2. formation of acetyl CoA:
3. Kreb's cycle
4. electron transport system
glycolysis and formation of acetyl CoA do or do not require oxygen?
do not require oxygen
krebs cycle and electron transport system do or do not require oxygen?
require oxygen
does glycolysis require oxygen
does not require oxygen
why is oxygen required in aerobic respiration
oxygen is needed to accept final electrons to restart glycolysis
what restarts glycolysis
what preforms alcoholic fermentation
yeast and plant cells
what preforms lactic acid fermentation
muscles and some bacteria
formula for photosynthesis
6co2 + 6h2o --- c6h12o6 + 6o2
measures absorption of light at various wavelengths
parts of cross section leaf
1. cuticle
2. upper upper epidermis
3. palisade mesophyll
4. vascular bundles
5. spongy mesophyll
6. lower epidermis
7. stomata
functions of the stomata
1. exchange of gases
2. prevent water loss
in paper chromatography which substances travel the most and the least
heaviest travel the shortest
lightest go farthest
why are their different pigments
to capture different wavelengths of light
what is the best and worst color for grow bulbs
worst green
best violet
visible light rests between
400-700 nm
how do animal cells divide
cleavage furrow
how do plan cells divide
cell plate
3 steps to cell cycle
1. interphase
2. mitosis
3. cytokinesis
preps cell for division
where cells grow/replicate chromosomes/ and grow some more
where cells spent 75% of their time
when nuclei separate
what is the shortest phase in mitosis
when the cytoplasm separates
1. start out as diploid cells (46 monad chromosomes)
2. interphase 1 (chromosomes replicate)
3. 46 dyades (diploid)
4. cell division
5. 2(23 dyads) (haploid)
6. second cell division
7. 4(23) monads (chops chromosomes in half
where crossover happens
prophase 1
where chromosomes line up side by side
metaphase 1
part of the sperm that uses enzymes to penetrate the egg
fertilization takes place in the
fallopian tubes
mitosis takes place in the
delivers oxygen and nutrients to fetus
wastes from the fetus comes out of the
umbilical cord
ex of sex influenced traits
pattern baldness
ex of dominant/recessive
several human traits
ex of the inheritance of a disease
cystic fibrosis
ex of multiple alleles
blood types
ex of multifactorial inheritance (MF)
a unit of DNA that specifies a unique protein toward the production of a trait
study of the passing of genetic information from parent to offspring
transmission genetics
a form of a gene, such as the dominant (T) or recessive (t) gene forms
the expression of a set of genes (tall or short)
the actual pair of genes that produces an expressed phenotype (TT, Tt, tt)
expressed alleles or phenotypes when homozygous (AA) or heterozygous (Aa)
a gene that is expressed when paired with a dominant gene
the physical location of a gene form on a chromosome
locus (plural is loci)
paired alleles that are either dominant (TT) or recessive (tt)
paired alleles that are unalike (Tt)
universal recipiant
universal donor
xxx 21
down syndrom
XXy 23
X 23