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1 - medial condyle
2 - lateral condyle
3 - lesser trochanter
4 - head
5 - greater trochanter
intertrochanteric line
intertrochanteric crest
quadrate tubercle
trochanteric fossa
fovea capitis
spiral line
pectineal line of femur
linea aspera
gluteal tuberosity
adductor tubercle
-top to bottom: adductor tubercle, medial epicondyle, medial condyle.
-Be able to locate the medial and lateral condyles, epicondyles and supracondylar ridges
popliteal surface
patellar surface
intercondylar fossa
what indentation is on the lateral condyle just above the epicondyle (femur)?
impression for lateral head of gastroc
what impression is on the lateral condyle just below and slightly posterior to the epicondyle (femur)?
groove for popliteus tendon
iliac crest
from left to right: posterior, anterior, and inferior gluteal lines
greater sciatic notch
ischial spine
lesser sciatic notch
ishchial tuberosity
obturator foramen
ischial ramus (ramus of ischium)
superior and inferior ramii of pubis
body of pubis
pubic tubercle
obturator groove
iliopubic eminence
iliac fossa
arcuate line
pectineal line
pubic crest
auricular surface of ilium
base of patella
lateral facet
vertical ridge
medial facet
What is located just behind the apex?
area for infrapatellar fat pad
tubercles of intercondylar eminence
lateral condyle
gerdy's tubercle
medial condyle
tibial tuberosity
interosseous border
groove for semimembranosus
soleal line of tibia
vertical line
articular facet for head of fibula
medial malleolus
fibular notch
groove for flexor hallucis longus (tibia)
groove for tibialis posterior
head of fibula
styloid process (apex) of fibula
lateral malleolus
malleolar fossa
What is the indentation posterior and next to the malleolar fossa on the fibula?
groove for fibularis (peroneus) brevis
name the flat surface on the distal end of the fibula
inferior articular surface