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Canebrake/timber rattle snake

Crotalus horridus

Eastern Diamondback rattle

Crotalus adamanteus

Western pygmy rattlesnake

sistrurus miliarius

La milksnake

Lampropeltis triangulum

speckled kingsnake

lampropeltis getulus

broad-banded water snake

Nerodia faciata

Diamondback water snake

Nerodia rhohbifera

Yellow-bellied water snake

Nerodia erythrogaster

Black rat snake

Elaphe aosolete

Mud snake

Francia abacura

Rough earth snake

Virginia striatula

Garter snake

Thamnophis sirtalis

Ribbon snake

Thamnophis proximus

Eastern hognose snake

Heterdon platyrhinos

Rough green snake


Yellow-bellied racer

Coluber constictor


Agkistrodon contoririx

Cottonmouth/water moccasin

Agkistrodon piscivorus

Eastern Coral snake

Micrurus fulvis