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Balanced Diet







Vitamins C&D

Fats (saturated and unsaturated)

•A balanced diet contains all the different nutrients in the correct amounts to keep us healthy


Canines used for tearing and ripping foodIncisors help bite off and chew pieces of foodMolars help you crush and grind food

Digestive System

Starch -> Sugar

Protein -> Amino Acid

Fat -> Fatty acid & glycerol

Ingestion is taking food into the mouth

Digestion is breaking large insoluble particles into smaller soluble particles which can be absorbed into the bloodstream

Absorption is the body's cells using nutrients

Egestion is the removal of faeces from the body

Peristalsis is a wave of musicale contractions moving food down the oesophagus.


Glucose + Oxygen -> Water + Energy + CO2Respiration takes place in every living cell


Tar - coats alveoli

Nicotine - irregular heart beat

Carbon Monoxide - stops oxygen being carried by red blood cells

Passive Smoking - the harmful effects of smoking without actually smoking


Forces can change the shape speed or direction of an objectFriction - Kinetic energy -> Heat energy + sound energyFriction is a force that opposes movement


Like charges repel

Unlike charges attract

Charged and uncharted attract

A neutral object has equal numbers of protons and electrons

Electrons are transferred when insulators are charged

Protons have a + charge

Neutrons have a = charge

Electrons have a - charge


Temp is how hot an object is Heat is a form of energyMatte black objects are the best at absorbing and emitting heat radiationMetals are good heat conductorsNon metals aren't good heat conductors

Physical and Chemical Changes

A physical change can be reversed and doesn't make a new substance

A chemical change cannot be reversed and therefore makes a new substance

Chemicals and Chemical Reactions

Oxygen relights a glowing splint

CO2 turns lime water milky

Hydrogen burns with a squeaky pop

Oxidation is where oxygen is added to a substance

Thermal decomposition is using heat to break down a substance

The chemical name for limestone is Calcium Carbonate

Limestone quarrying can help build more things but causes air pollution