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Emergency Action Plan

-communication: call 911 and give info

-facilities: ambulance/EMT, hospital,dentist


On-the-field evaluation

primary survey

secondary survey

Primary survey

-assess life threatening injuries

-Circulation Airway Breathing Shock- CABS

-unconscious- cervical spine trauma

-seizing- CNS trauma


SS: moist, clammy, cool skin, weak, rapid pulse, dec., BP <90mmhg, really thirsty, rapid/shallow breathing

management: EMS, blankets, elevate feet, no water

Secondary survey

rule out life threatening conditions

-vital signs: pulse, respiration, BP, temp, skin color, pupils


-other SS

Off field Evaluation

When, where, what?


history, observation, physical examination, evaluative tests, special tests

emergency splinting

splint suspected fracture before moving

-splint 1 joint above and below fx

-splint injury in position found