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What is ____?
____ 이/가 뭐예요?
What is it?
이게 뭐예요?
What kind of ___ is this?
이게 무슨 ___ (이)에요?
What does it mean?
이게 무슨 뜻이에요?
Who is ____?
_____ 이/가 누구예요?
Is there a _____ around here?
이 근처에 ____ 있어요?
How many ____ do you have in total?
______ 이/가 모두 몇 명이에요?
May I __(verb)__?
_(conjugated stem)__+도 돼요?
May I offer you _____?
(something to eat)
____ 드릴까요?
(먹을 거)
Do you happen to know ____?
혹시 ____ 알아요?
What is (the)_____number?
___ 이/가 몇 번이에요?
When is ____?
____ 이/가 언제예요?
Do you have _____ this weekend?
주말에 ____ 있어요?
(this weekend __ have?)
Let's ___ together.
같이 ____요.
Congratulations on ____.
What time is ____?
____ 이/가 몇 시예요?
What time are you going to ____?
몇 시에 ___에 가요?
Where are you going __(in the morning, etc)_?
___ 어디에 가요?
It takes _(time)_.
___ 걸려요.
Please give me ___.
___ 주세요.
Where do you __(verb)__?
어디에서 ___요?
I _(1)__ once a _(2)___.
_(2)__에 한 번 __(1)___
I eat with ____.
___ 하고 식사해요.
I like ___.
___을/를 좋아해요.
How about ___?
___은/는 어때요?
Could you show me __?
__ 좀 보여 주세요.
Don't you have another ___?
다른 ___은/는 없어요?
Don't you have something else?
다른 건 없어요?
My ___ hurts.
___이/가 아파요.
__(1)___ is too/is very __(2)___.
__1__이/가 너무 __2__.
___ is the most ___.
___이/가 제일 ___.
Bulgogi is the best.
블고기가 제일 좋아요.
The _1_ is more__2_ than __3__.
__1__ 이/가 __3__보다 더 __2__.

Object, other object, more good
How was ___?
___ 어땠어요?
Can you ___?
___+ㄹ 수 있어요?
I am going to ___.
__(drop 다)__러 가요.
Please speak slowly.
천천히 말해 주세요.
Please wait a moment
잠깐 기다려 주세요.
Please say it again
다시 한 번 얘기해 주세요.
Isn't it ___?
Aren't you ___?
__ (drop 다)___+지 않아요?
Have you ever ____?
_(conjugate)__ 봤어요?
Can I ___?
___ 돼요?