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In what division are bread molds in?
D. Zygomycota
In what division are cup fungi in?
D. Ascomycota
In what division are club fungi in?
D. Basidiomycota
In what division are fungi imperfect in?
D. Deuteromycota
How are D. Zygomycota, D. Ascomycota, and D. Basidiomycota classified?
by their sexual organs
What is an adult fungus known as?
mycelium (n)
What is a mycelium?
a mass of filaments
What are the filaments in a mycelium known as?
What is a horizontal hyphae called?
a stolon
What is a vertical hyphae called?
a rhizoid
What are hyphae with divisions called?
What are hyphae without divisions called?
How do fungi digest?
through external absorption
How do fungi get their food?
their filaments grown towards food source
How do fungi reproduce asexually?
by fragmentation
How do fungi reproduce sexually?
gametes and gametangia fuse
What is the asexual life cycle of a fungus?
mycellium (n) --> spores (n) --> hyphae
What is the sexual life cycle of a fungus?
mycellium (n) --> gametes --> zygote (2n) --> spores (n)
In D. Zygomycota, gametangia fuse to form a _____?
Which division is the smallest of the fungi?
D. Zygomycota
Which division grows on food?
D. Zygomycota
What is the symbiotic relationship that D. Zygomycota has with flowering plants?
fungi pass on organic material to plants, and plant root gives fungi energy
What organisms does D. Ascomycota have?
yeast, mildew, and truffles
What is the largest division of fungi?
D. Ascomycota
In D. Ascomycota, the gametangia fuse to form what?
an ascus
What do asci contain?
What do many asci form?
an ascocarp
What is an ascocarp?
the sexual reproductive structure
In asexual reproduction, what are the spores called?
Lichens are a combination of what?
algae and fungi
What does D. Basidiomycota contain?
the mushrooms
Which division is considered the highest fungi and why?
D. Basidiomycota because it has cell walls
In sexual reproduction, the gametangia of D. Basidiomycota fuse to form what?
a basidium
What do many basidia form?
a basidiocarp
The visible structure of a mushroom is called a ______.
What division contains the penicillium fungus?
D. Deuteromycota
Which division contains the fungi that cause Athlete's foot and ringworm?
D. Deuteromycota