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Who was the youngest son of King Henry II?

King John

When was King John born?

December 24th 1167

Who was King John's brother?

King Richard the Lionheart

What was King John's nickname?

Lackland as he was not left any land by his father.

When did King John become King?


What did John do whie his brother was away on a crusade?

He plotted against his brother with King Philip of France.

Who is the first King to have been accused of murder?

King John us said to have murdered his 12 year old nephew in a drunken rage.

Why did King John raise taxes?

To pay for his armies to try and win back lost land in France.

What happened in 1215 when King John broke the terms of the Magna Carta?

Civil war ensued.

Who forced King John to sign the Magna Carta?

The barons (who he didn't trust)

What did villein/serf mean?

An unfree peasant

Who did the Magna Carta give the most power to?

The barons as they were allowed to strip the King off his land if he abused the law.

How many clauses were there in the Magna Carta?


When did King John die?

October 19th 1216

Who became King after John?

His 9 year old son King Henry III (giving the barons power)

When was the Magna Carta reissued?

In 1255 but it was a shortened version with only 37 clauses. Initially it failed but it did prove successful over the next 20-30 years.

What other countries did the Magna Carta affect?

The Magna Carta affected several other countries which used its rules including America and France after the late 1700's.